All Blues

Friends Fredrik Nathorst and Jacob Skragge launched their Stockholm-based fine jewelry brand All Blues in 2010 armed with a $2,000 loan from Fredrik’s mother. After launching with men’s leather jewelry, a big break came through a SS15 collaboration with Acne Studios. The brand, now focused on collectible women’s luxury jewelry, has landed on our radar across all fronts. We want every single piece.

All Blues is a deeply personal endeavor; each collection carries its own metaphorical narrative and connection to the founders. Their first collection, Marianne, was named after Jacob’s grandmother who left him 37 amber stones from Israel to “spread in the wind.” The duo honored her wish by adapting the stones into 37 earrings, purchased by customers all over the globe. Stories like these are why we started The Stone Set.

We first noticed All Blues when our favorite jewelry boutique Quiet Storms announced it exclusively was carrying their new Ruined Omelette. The quirky and unexpected collection consists of four pieces made out of one egg: Two halves of cracked eggshell, a yolk, and egg white. The inspiration? Fredrik accidentally dropped an egg while making breakfast and suddenly, it became art! -Jenna Fain for The Stone Set

“Fredrik and I became friends during high school. We realized we shared the same interests, everything from music to fashion to arts. I travelled to New York the summer after I graduated high school, I saw a guy in a shop with coloured cotton bands on his wrist, there was nothing special with the bracelet but it got me started thinking why there where no established jewellery I genuinely liked and that came to mind, that felt modern in the way it was packaged or communicated.


Coming back, we discussed it and Fredrik felt the same as I did. So we started sketching out the products we thought was missing and discussed how the brand should feel like. We brought this paper to our two favourite stores in Stockholm for their feedback. It was not thought of as a pitch from our side, because we had no products at that time, only the paper. They where both surprisingly positive and basically told us they were interested in selling the products if we could make them – so we did. Neither of our families had any background in fashion. We knew no one in the industry. We had no money. We had just finished high school and where not even 20 years old.


By that time, as we were from Stockholm and had seen the perfume brand Byredo’s early but impressive steps, I was surprised how the jewellery industry compared to the perfume industry were lagging behind. At least in our opinion. In a department store most modern, niche perfume brands like Byredo or Diptyque had their own shop-in-shops expressing their brand DNA, alongside their products, by its retail design, packaging, visual identity, et cetera. In the jewellery rooms, there where only products in a generic display, all looking the same from distance.


For us, jewellery is maybe the most gift-a-like product there is. Even when you buy something for yourself, it’s still a gift. No one really needs jewellery, but it’s hard to walk outside without shoes. Hence the buying decision is also based on the packaging and brand experience. There have always been great jewellery designers, doing great products, but we felt there were no great jewellery brands within the fashion context. And that’s what we want to change, by having a conceptual way of looking at design and communication that always should go hand-in-hand. And a multidisciplinary approach everything surrounding the products, creating the different soul and vibe we feel is missing.


It has gone seven years from that day with the paper of the sketches. I have finished my studies in Economics and Business Management and Strategy. Fredrik studied Art Direction and Design. All Blues has always been our platform to explore and learn, and we’ve never been afraid of changing direction towards where it felt natural. Hence, All Blues is something completely different today compared to when we started.


We started as a men’s jewellery brand doing basic braided leather and stone pearl bracelets, whereas today we focus mostly of women’s jewellery in recycled silver and gold, with core unisex pieces like bracelets and rings. All products are made by hand in Stockholm, although not by Fredrik and me – as we are not goldsmiths – but by experienced artisans in the outskirts of Stockholm in a third-generation, family-owned goldsmith studio.” -Jacob Skragge of All Blues