Anne-Sophie Mignaux: On The Rocks

Paris-based Anne-Sophie Mignaux gives new dimension to the concept of multitasking. Her most important role is mom to a bustling baby son. Anne-Sophie is a fashion consultant for brands like Les Métiers d’Art de Chanel, Jay Ahr, and Armani, as well as Jewellery and Watches Editor-in-Chief of Citizen K Magazine, where she leverages her seasoned point of view on the fine jewelry industry in France. And that’s not all! This dynamic Parisienne even has unique access into the hallowed art world: Anne-Sophie works alongside fiancé Emmanuel Perrotin at his eminent Galerie Perrotin in Paris, New York, and Hong Kong. She’s a self-confessed workaholic, but happy and well-accessorized. Intrinsically stylish and warmhearted, Anne-Sophie opened up about her favorite gold collectible jewelry and approach to a balanced lifestyle over an early morning tea at Chez Julien, her favorite cozy spot in Paris. -Jenna Fain for The Stone Set

The Look
My style represents my mood. From one day to the next, it can be very different. I love wearing dresses by Chloé and Thierry Mugler. For example, the morning of this shoot I just dropped my son (he’s two years old) at the baby school and I had many press presentations, so my style was casual and super comfortable. I was wearing a pant from Barbara Bui, a Chloé silk shirt and coat, and my beloved Chanel sneakers. I love accessories so I always carry sunglasses in my bag by Thierry Lasry or John Dalia.

I like to be natural, so most of my skincare routine is composed of Clarins products, Patyka body oil (organic), and Rituals for my bath. My perfume is super personal, composed of Vetivier and Rose, bespoke from Ex Nihilo in Paris. This brand gives you the chance to create your own perfume. I love the idea to be unique and to have my own personal scent. For years I used to wear brands’ perfumes and when I smelled “my perfume” on someone else, it bothered me.

My lifestyle is super healthy, I don’t drink alcohol and I’m gluten free. I try to avoid eating too much meat and I always take into account where the food I buy is from. Since I’m a mom, I really try to choose the best for my family.

The Drink
I picked Chez Julien because it’s one of my favorite places in Paris. The restaurant is super good, the terrace is beautiful, and you have a great view of romantic Paris. And it’s super close to my baby son’s school. I had a green tea with fresh lemon juice, my favorite beverage!

The Jewelry
I always wear the same jewelry pieces: they are a part of me and my story. And I have a special story for each piece I wear. My earrings are from Stone Paris and Venus by Maria Tash. I’ve loved Stone Paris for many years. Marie Poniatowski, the designer, creates delicate jewels and I always love her style.

My necklaces: one is from JEM (Jewellery Ethically Minded), an ethical jewelry brand, and my medal is Arthus Bertrand, a gift from my son’s father to my son, but he’s too young to wear it.

As for my bracelets, I’m in love with my delicate Chaumet Premiers Liens knot band in rose gold and diamonds, a gift from me to me and I’ve never removed it. Then I wear three simple Le Gramme rose gold bands. This brand is very important to me, as it was created by two of my very good friends. I’m so happy to see their collections everywhere I go! From NYC to Tokyo, they are in all the best concept stores and I’m super happy for them. For 4 years I’ve also worn the Love de Cartier bracelet in rose gold. It was a gift from my son’s father for my 25th birthday. And the latest two bracelets are from Goossens Paris, a brand I love and I used to work for. Mr. Goossens, the designer, is a fantastic man. He knows everything about jewelry, stones, and the technical details to create jewelry. He has worked for Melle Chanel and he has designed jewelry for so many brands. He’s a great man; super humble and talented. You should meet him!

I wear a beautiful Swivel Clover ring in emerald from Marie-Hélène de Taillac. For me, Marie-Hélène is a magician. She brings happiness through her collections. She uses such colorful, precious, unexpected stones that make each piece unique and magic. Her designs are pure and simple with 24k gold. And my engagement ring is just, for me, perfection.

Photography by Emerald Carroll for The Stone Set.