Annie Starke: On The Rocks at Barneys

It’s been a breakout year for Annie Starke. After roles in Albert Nobbs and We Don’t Belong Here, the actress starred as a young version of Glenn Close (her mother in real life) in the Oscar-nominated film, The Wife. Spring has even more momentum—Annie is filming Ryan Murphy’s prequel story about Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

In addition to being one of Tinseltown’s ones to watch, Annie is a bona fide style setter. We took note as she walked the Academy Awards red carpet in a metallic gown, decked out in bold Egyptian jewels like a glamorous modern-day gladiator.

In the excitement of award season, we caught up with Annie at Freds Beverly Hills to bond over our shared love of jewelry, her favorite on-set moment, and how she gets R&R while not on set. What’s better than a champagne toast while adorned in Balenciaga, Munnu, and Ambre Victoria? -Jenna Wise for The Stone Set

Tell us about the role jewelry plays in your life and style. Who are your go-to designers?
For me, lovingly made jewelry pieces are a necessity. I usually keep it simple: my family’s crest on my pinky, my Marissa Perry, Phoenix Roze wedding rings, and my custom Jess Klein BONDEYE ring that she made in honor of my mom and grandmother. For my ears, I always mix and match my Phoenix Roze earrings, and my simple diamond studs are my best friends.

Finally, on my neck, I always wear my custom Mary MacGill gold pendant that she created for me and my best friends to celebrate my wedding day. Mary is a childhood friend and she’s an incredible artist, so it’s an honor to wear a small piece of her brilliance every day next to my heart. I always admire people that change their looks throughout the week, but for me, my everyday staple pieces are my treasured talismans.


You’re sipping champagne! What in your life are you celebrating?
Yes, lots to celebrate! I’m still on cloud nine about the incredible outpouring of love surrounding The Wife, and I’m currently working with Ryan Murphy on his new project with the phenomenal Sarah Paulson, so I’m a lucky girl to say the least.

Why were you drawn to acting? How does it complement your life?
Wow, big question. Both of my parents are in the entertainment industry, so I grew up in this world from a very young age. Acting and creativity are two things that literally give me life, and I’m so lucky to partake in a craft I love so fiercely.


What’s your favorite on-set story?
My favorite on-set experience is getting to work with the amazing Maya Rudolph and Catherine Keener a few years back. Watching them work was an absolute thrill, and afterwards, we would enjoy a nice glass of tequila with lime. I’ll always look back on those days with pride, laughter and love.

Can you spill some pro tips for red carpet dressing and posing?
YES. Although I love the look, high heels are my red-carpet nemeses. My stylist, Deborah Ferguson, introduced me to CBD balms for my aching toes, and the results blew me away. CBD lotions pre-carpet are a MUST.

Oh gosh, I’m so dorky, so unfortunately, I have zero tips for posing. Just stand tall, keep your eyes open and suck your gut in, I guess!


When you’re not working, where are your favorite places to escape?
My two favorite spots to escape and reboot are Bozeman, Montana and Puerto Escondido, Mexico. My folks have roots in both places, so it’s always a joy to return for some much needed R&R. I wish I was in Mexico right now! Ugh!


What’s something about you that may surprise people?
Something that might surprise people is that I’m actually obsessed with food and cooking. If I wasn’t an actress, I would be a chef…simple as that. I think food has magical powers. With a meal, you can show love, teach one’s culture, find peace, and experience true happiness. Someday, I hope to own or partake in opening a restaurant, maybe in Bozeman…who knows!


Give the world some advice.
Some advice that I got from my parents: be kind, have empathy, and always try to maintain your most precious relationships. Friends and family are everything…never forget that.

Finish the sentence: Diamonds are _______.
Pretty, but I like sapphires the most. 💙

Photography by Emerald Carroll for The Stone Set

This story is in partnership with Barneys New York.

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