Beatrice Valenzuela

Beatrice Valenzuela truly does it all. A devoted mother and wife living in Echo Park, Los Angeles, Valenzuela has singlehandedly become the city’s champion of East Side artisans and creatives as the founder of the acclaimed Echo Park Craft Fair. Her eponymous line of handmade shoes is inspired by traditional styles of Mexico, Morocco and Native American Indians. Raised in Mexico City, Valenzuela lived all over the world before settling into Los Angeles ten years ago. It is no surprise that her jewelry is an evocative visual representation of memories, cultures, and art. She welcomed us into her Echo Park home (reminiscent of a treehouse!) to enjoy a seasonal margarita and glimpse at her favorite pieces of jewelry. -The Stone Set

The Look • I’m wearing a vintage Indian batik print jumpsuit that my client paid me with for a haircut some years ago. My style is full of color and texture. A mix of vintage, new, and beautiful pieces made by my friends. There is a looseness to my style. I try and have fun when I decorate myself.


The Drink • I love sitting on my balcony while drinking cocktails and admiring the view and the sunset. I’m drinking an Elderflower Green Margarita because I love tequila and juice together. We picked elderberries from our friend’s tree.

Beatrice’s Elderflower Margarita Recipe
Serves 4
1 Persian Cucumber (skin left on)
1 Lime (juice)
1 Lemon (juice)
2 Sprigs of Mint
1 tbs of Orange Blossom Water
1 shot Triple Sec
4 shots of Tequila
1 cup of Ice
1 cup of Prosecco
1 cup of Water
Elderberries for garnish
Agave to taste

Cayenne pepper

Blend all the ingredients in a blender. Rub the left over rind of your lime on the rim of your glass then press glass on your salt-sugar-cayenne mix. Pour in cocktail and then garnish with an elderberry bunch. Enjoy!

The Jewelry • I bought a one-of-a-kind sun-bleached coral necklace at Gravel and Gold in the Mission District of San Francisco. It’s made by a Finnish artist named Anna Von Hellens-Ravi and her line is called Maaya. I know that she travels to India, where her husband is from, to get her materials. The other two gold and white diamond necklaces are by Jessica Winzelberg. These are the only diamonds I own. I love Jessica’s shapes; they are very original to who she is. I like to layer her work with some of my other special pieces.


The two rings are made by my life partner Ramsey Conder. They are lost wax cast and I love wearing them together or on their own. One is very natural and organic. I love that I can see his fingerprints on it. The other is smooth and so clear that you can see your reflection on it. This is the one I wear nearly every day.

My jade bracelet I’ve had since I was 18 years old. It was a gift from my dad. I came to LA and picked it out myself at a jewelry boutique in Chinatown (sadly, it is not there anymore). They put lotion on my wrist and slid it on. It was kind of painful and my wrist was sore for a week. It’s never left my body since that day fifteen years ago. Some people believe that jade has properties that offer protection. I love it so much that some days, I don’t even know it’s on. The succulent bracelet is by BrookandLyn and I got it at The Echo Park Craft Fair, a biannual event I started five years ago and continue to co-organize with Rachel Craven where we bring together our favorite designers. The black pearl and gold bangle is by Hinu Jewelry from Hawaii. Jennifer Binney used to make these but has now moved on to other projects. I feel so lucky to have one!


Both the Hair Cage and Hairpin are from my Calla Lily Beatrice Valenzuela collection. It’s another way to adorn one’s top knot making it look intentional and elegant. It is hand sculpted here in Los Angeles in brass and walnut.

Our Beatrice Valenzuela Ear Cuff was the first piece I designed inspired by calla lilies, which I feel is the flower represented by many Mexican artists like Diego Rivera. It’s an homage to that—my take on timeless jewelry. It’s also made by hand in brass and walnut. The ring is my design and I sculpted it in wax, then Ramsey cast it in 14-karat rose gold.

Visit BeatriceValenzuela.com.

Photography by The Stone Set.