Billy! by Candice Pool Neistat

Candice Pool Neistat is one of a kind. We’ve watched as she grew Finn Jewelry into a leading fine jewelry brand beloved for its romantic and delicate gold and gemstone motifs and became a pro at navigating the business.

Candice is a mix of tomboy and laid-back ease and elegance. Her uniform is crisp tees with worn-in jeans and scruffy Vans hi-tops, and her signature mix of meaningful jewelry. No pretenses, just awesome. When she launched secondary brand Billy!, we knew it was her to a T. The gender-neutral line has something for everyone with its restrained yet cool offering, ranging from custom silver and gold tag necklaces inspired by a scapular and Billy! branded tees, totes, and pouches.

It’s only fitting that Candice would throw a rad launch party with a “Chains of Love” theme. Guests enjoyed a cold beer, got tattoos, and our favorite part, had a gold chain bracelet custom fit and welded on their wrists. Oh yeah, and there was an ice luge!

Candice understands that a new brand has to be social-first with a distinct lifestyle and mission. Her husband Casey Neistat has mastered this, as evidenced by the impressive crowd gathered to catch a selfie with the man himself. We caught up with Candice about what drove her to launch Billy! and why it’s her favorite, most personal project yet. -Jenna Fain for The Stone Set

The Stone Set: Hi Candice! Why did you choose to start Billy!?
Candice Pool Neistat: Billy! is like my alter ego. Actually, I wouldn’t say it’s my alter ego, I’d say it’s my ego. Finn Jewelry was not so much my ego. It’s been super liberating to design more accessible things at lower price point. It’s more fun. I don’t have to spend months deciding how big the stones should be in something or do waxes.


It’s like: I want to make a t-shirt. I want to put Billy! on it. Go! It’s accessible to so many people. The t-shirts sell out over and over. I love it because people identify with the idea of Billy! whereas with fine jewelry it is hard to have a personality to associate with the jewelry. You buy fine jewelry because it’s pretty. Billy! is an attitude that people are identifying with and believe in.


How did you settle on the name? We love it!
I named it Billy because I like the name. And I didn’t want to alienate anyone. I felt like Billy is boy/girl. It was a popular name in the 50s—my mom has friends named Billy. It’s trendy now to do boy names for girls. It’s also just fun to say!


What’s your favorite piece from the line?
I like the Custom Tag Necklace in gold but I make a smaller version now. I’m more partial to it. The necklace is the same concept, but a little bit more dainty. It’s still unisex, and you can wear it every day. You can wear it to the beach, wear it to sleep. It’s comfy.


What’s the Billy! mantra?
“Fuck it!”

Photography by Emerald Carroll for The Stone Set