Caroline Grosso


Caroline Grosso is the ultimate Collector. With a background in styling and an accomplished tenure as an Accessories Editor at storied fashion publications, Caroline is one of the most knowledgeable fine jewelry experts we’ve encountered in New York. As Fashion Market Editor at W Magazine, she helps to shape the public’s perceptions of trends as well as catapult emerging new designers to the forefront of fashion. Caroline’s style is quite minimalist, yet her love of jewelry takes on new dimensions with her “load it on” philosophy. -The Stone Set

I’m interested in jewelry because of its lasting power and quality. I wear clean gold jewelry every day. I’m really excited, however, by this new bohemian feeling ushered in by Saint Laurent and Gucci and other designers. I will probably never trade my black and white uniform for something a bit more hippie; but I still love the idea of a long feather Daniella Villegas earring. You wear it when you want to change your look, but as it is fine jewelry, it somehow always remains in fashion, or above it.


I love the idea of having a uniform of jewelry. I wear the same rings every day. I guess I think that shoes or bags come and go, but when you invest in jewelry it is you no matter what – even if it is everyday you, or bohemian you, or fancy event you. My style is quite clean, but I’m not afraid of loading jewelry on, which you do not see as much today. I think it’s important to capture a certain vision or mood. It is never about loading on random pieces, it’s about helping to create this character.

Personally, I wear mismatched earrings and simple gold rings and bracelets. I was very interested in loading the ear up with lots of bits of gold. I got two more piercings in each ear. But now I think it’s more interesting to skip the first hole and wear earring in the second two. Or maybe it’s about one ear and not the other. I love when I see girls on the street and what they’ve carefully selected for each hole – I’m paying attention! I don’t have a jewelry muse because I think it changes every day. Well, maybe my eternal muse is Victoire de Castellane. If I could be a fly on the wall while she is creating her pieces for Dior Fine Jewelry, I would really be in heaven.


When I was a stylist’s assistant, I would always research cool jewelry to create the stylist’s vision. And randomly people starting asking me for advice on pulling jewelry for their shoots. It culminated in my covering jewelry for ELLE Magazine, which was an amazing experience.

I have a “Caro” ring by Thea Jewelry that I wear every day. The letters are spelled out in black diamonds and it’s a favorite. I’m super excited about this rose gold and diamonds Astley Clarke locket I just started wearing. I think lockers and pendants are about to have a real moment. I’m also forever obsessed with this beautiful piece my friend Audrey gave me. She designs under the name AS29, and she created this beautiful wing earring that goes up my ear in black and white diamonds. It’s the most epic and interesting piece I’ve ever owned and for that I’m terribly grateful. I was in Tulum recently and purchased these rings that are quite similar to the Proenza Schouler fall rings. I’m very interested in rock stones right now. I’ve actually purchased ten, one for each finger. Both the shop owner and my boyfriend thought I was a bit crazy, but hey.


I’m a Cartier girl. Their new amulette is so very beautiful, and the perfect pendant. I’m really excited about Smith + Mara, I have one of their fun match earrings. I think Jennifer Alfano is great. In a fantasy world, I wear Yeprem everyday. I want all of Andrea Fohrman’s new malachite pieces. I love Sara Weinstock’s ear pieces. Sophie Bille Brahe singlehandedly made pearls cool again. Her clean Danish designs are so covetable. I am also very lucky to call Cynthia from Vita Fede a good friend. Vita Fede is THE brand. I love the earrings that have something interesting going on in the front and back. It’s been great to watch her grow. She’s just introduced wood into her collection, which is super beautiful. She is the ultimate cool creator, but she keeps you guessing—and that’s most important thing. She knows you need a certain kind of jewelry before you even know it exists.


What’s not on my wishlist?! It comes down to basics I’ll wear every day. I’ve been meaning to find the perfect vintage watch. I want Jacquie Aiche’s gold body chain or some belly chain. I love that Louis Vuitton resort featured a body chain. It made me realize okay, now is really the time to buy one. And hands down, I need the most perfect hoops ever…Ariel Gordon’s diamond pave huggies.” –Caroline Grosso

Photography by The Stone Set.