Cecilia Ngan: No7

Cecilia ‘Ceci’ Ngan, the multi-talented woman behind @No7, has the striking ability to create a visually consistent, colorfully saturated, and almost hyper-real world that you just want to step right into. If we could all see the world through @No7-tinted glasses, it would certainly be a dreamier place.

We had the pleasure of meeting the charming Ceci on a late afternoon in Hong Kong. After surveying her jewels, we took to the streets of Central to take advantage of the fading daylight and the vibrant backdrop offered by this bustling metropolis. Her navy outfit and vivid purple hair were the perfect accompaniment to her vibrant assortment of bold, shiny, and eye-catching costume jewels.

The fun didn’t end when the camera stopped clicking. A truly gracious host, Ceci took us to some of her favorite neighborhood shops and destinations before insisting we indulge in some Hong Kong comfort food at a bustling spot in Lan Kwai Fong. A memorable evening indeed. – Emerald Carroll for The Stone Set

I consider my personal style chic and sporty. I am also drawn to color. Bright, colorful combinations are beautiful to me. I love jewelry and how it can impact the overall look. I feel as though it is the spirit of an outfit, taking it to the next level. Beautiful accessories are important since they’re so visible and something I definitely pay attention to. It’s even more important than underwear as if you don’t wear underwear, no one can see it!


My Instagram has been an important platform for me and allows me to express my style and creativity in a very distinct and visual manner. I first started gaining followers when I began posting my outfits every day. I think from there, my account began to act as daily outfit inspiration for a lot of my followers. It’s grown from there!


In addition to my interest in photography, I’m also an illustrator. The inspirations for the most part come from my daily life. Illustration has become a language though which I can express my thoughts. It allows me to bring a positive message about life through the drawings.


On a daily basis I wear a choker and rings most of the time. Today I’m wearing an assortment of my favorite pieces that I’ve collected over time and some new acquisitions from The9thMuse, one of my favorite places to shop for jewelry in Central Hong Kong. They have a very cool selection and are very friendly. I also love to buy sunglasses and other accessories there—I’ve found a few of my favorite Karen Walker shades at their store.


Right now on my jewelry wish list is something from Alexander McQueen. They make amazing jewelry. I have my eye on this one bracelet with a skull, but I would love to wear it as a choker instead.

Some of my favorite jewelry is the costume jewels made by fashion brands – particularly McQueen, Versace, and Moschino. I like their bold pieces and they often combine black and gold, a color combination I’m really drawn to. I don’t necessarily have a specific preference for certain gemstones or materials, but in general I am drawn to anything shiny! -Cecilia Ngan of @No7

Photography by Emerald Carroll for The Stone Set