Crystal Renn


The public knows Crystal Renn as a celebrated high fashion model, actress, and bestselling author of memoir, Hungry. Beyond this, she is also a passionate jewelry collector. Whether Renn scours global markets for her namesake crystals or sports couture pieces off the runway, she has an ardent and profound passion for jewelry. Renn’s personal collection reveals an affinity for lunar and astrology motifs, silver, rare gemstones, and supporting subversive designers. Point to any piece, and Renn can easily recall its personal history and how it has fit into her life. –The Stone Set

I wear so much black that jewelry really allows me to express myself and take a look to an entirely different level. Black really is a great backdrop for interesting jewelry mixing. Also, both my grandmother and my great grandmother were collectors and were very daring in their choices. So, I guess I grew up around it, and it was later passed on to me. I love the story of each piece and what it meant to them. So I have always associated jewelry as a trinket that holds the power and history of an amazing story.

Jewelry is very meaningful to me. I love my Amethyst ring by ManiaMania because a dear friend gave it to me for my birthday. My Pamela Love black diamond moon pendant [Pave Diana Pendant] because my whole life gazing at the moon brought me peace. Lastly, my great grandmother’s ring covered in all kinds of little stones just because it was hers, and her taste was impeccable. My favorite jewelers are ManiaMania, Genevieve Jones, Chanel, Pamela Love, Fenton-Fallon, Unearthen, Lorraine Schwartz, Givenchy, and Jack Vartanian. Also, I just discovered Lillian Shalom on Instagram and I think she is genius!


I usually prefer costume jewelry because I am not so precious and am constantly on the go. The horror of losing an expensive piece usually outweighs the enjoyment. I don’t think you have to wear diamonds to be fabulous, however if I love a piece and it has diamonds on it, I mean who can turn away. I love Opal because when I gaze at it, it makes me think of galaxies in space. I love Amethyst because they were everywhere in my house when I was growing up, and I find them being around or wearing them to be very soothing.

It’s the exposure to various people, cultures, and places that inspires my choice in jewelry very much. I often pick up jewelry from a place to remember it. Also being a model, I see all of the jewelry before it even hits the stores. So, you get a sense of what is new and fresh and it is very inspiring. The interaction with the stylist and how she puts it together is something I always note. How people wear jewelry says a lot about them. They say look at the shoes to know a person, but I say look at the jewels.


I think anytime you express yourself it is art. So, what pieces you choose and how you mix them is a very personal expression, and most certainly an art form. For me, it is also a passion, so much so that I would love to one day design jewelry. I have been doing it to some capacity for years but would love to do more and possibly make a line.” -Crystal Renn

Photography by Soraya Zaman.