Daun Curry


The work and personal style of interior designer Daun Curry of Modern Declaration first caught our eye when we visited and featured the Finn Jewelry showroom, which can best be described as Nolita meets Marie Antoinette. At once romantic yet modern, Curry’s aesthetic is evident in her personal style, which centers around color and texture—just like her interiors. Her collection builds around bold sculptural pieces from the likes of Karen Karch, Kelly Wearstler, and Finn.

I am constantly inspired by the rarity and luxury of jewelry. I actually find those qualities influence a lot of my creative output as an interior designer, from the clothing I wear to the spaces I create. I love to study the details. Of course, there are memories and associations embedded in jewelry that are incredibly personal and become more so over time.


I have pieces that are sentimental to me, such as those passed down by my mother and grandmother, my wedding rings and other gifts from my husband. I also must admit that I am obsessed with “The Hunt.” When I travel, I love to shop for estate jewelry. There’s something magical about discovering a wonderful piece, whether it’s the stone, the setting, the metal work—it feels like searching for buried treasure.

My jewelry style is eclectic. I like to mix diamonds with thrift store finds and heirlooms all in one look. I believe anything goes as long as you strike a balance and always edit. I like to throw on a lot of pieces, whatever is inspiring me at the moment, too many things at once. As I continue on my morning routine, I edit piece by piece before I walk out the door.


I suppose being an interior designer impacts the way I choose my jewelry. The two go hand-in-hand for me really. If I have an immediate connection with an object, whether it’s a piece of furniture, a beautifully crafted fabric, a garment, or jewelry, there are no criteria. It’s about being inspired by something.

I fell in love with Karen Karch years ago when my husband gave me one of her engagement rings. She has a clear design vision and is involved in the making of each piece right down to hand-setting each stone herself. I admire that level of craft, seeing a design through and being involved every step. I also own quite a few pieces from Finn. I was introduced to the line when they hired me to design their NoHo showroom. Founder Candice Pool has a very thoughtful approach to the jewelry she designs and the craftsmanship is always impeccable. The subject matter of the pieces is classic and whimsical, but Candice always manages to set that off with the perfect amount of edge. I have a Finn ruby heart necklace that my husband gave me when our daughter was born that I never take off.


My mom set up an extensive and well-curated dress-up closet for my sister and I when we were kids. One of the items was this incredible Brutalist brass cuff that belonged to my mom in the 1960s. I’ve always coveted that cuff. The patina on the brass is aged to perfection. I’ve worn the cuff quite regularly since I was child and it’s always been relevant, regardless of the decade. That is the beauty of well-crafted and designed objects—they never go out of fashion.

I am drawn to crystals and jewel-like elements, especially in the light fixtures that I design. Decorative lighting is the jewelry of an interior. From a graphic standpoint, I have always been inspired by the Art Deco era, which has a lot of jewel shapes and silhouettes.” -Daun Curry of Modern Declaration

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Photography by The Stone Set.

  • Caley

    What a fantastic collection. Those bee earrings have caught my eye and I will now be lusting over them all day.