When we try to pinpoint exactly when brands and trends began being born on Instagram, DYLANLEX stands out. LA-based Founder and CEO Drew Ginsburg’s maximalist yet streamlined personal style lends itself perfectly to her line’s edgy statement piece jewelry. In 2013, she began posting herself rocking her sparkly jewels with her covetable neutral wardrobe, and quickly amassed a cult-like following along with some serious loyalty from stylists and celebs alike. There have been major Beyoncé, Cardi B, Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid moments.

We love how DYLANLEX pieces add an instant dose of style and attitude to even the most simple outfit. There’s so much visual interest, it’s insane. Materials range from Swarovski crystals to antique metals, to curated objects.

With fashion and fine jewelry collections and a keen eye on growth and expansion into new categories, Drew is our ideal of a modern-day businesswoman who, put simply, just crushes it—and with grace. The lovely LA lady invited us to her studio on Melrose to finally meet. – Jenna Wise for The Stone Set

Tell us about your life. Where did you grow up? What brought you to LA?
I grew up on the East Coast. I started my business in New York, we manufacturer there so I am back every few months. My younger sister, Lex moved out to LA after college and slowly I migrated. There’s something about the way people appreciate the quality of life out here that’s incredibly inspiring. I will forever keep my east coast style, but I am definitely a West Coast lifer.


How did you decide to pursue jewelry design?
I always DIYed my outfits. I had to have a little twist on what I was wearing so I didn’t look like everyone else. I went to school for Fashion Design. My senior collection was beaded. I hand beaded everything, waistbands, sweaters, dresses. I always felt like embellishment truly made the outfit.

After college I worked as a clothing designer and just personally collected vintage jewelry, mixed it up with things I had, and wore it in unique ways. People would ask me if they could purchase it and I would always be like ‘oh no no I design clothing’ until a light went off that jewelry is my thing. It was like that ah ha! moment.

I started hand making pieces for friends until I found a manufacturer and launched a small 6 piece necklace collection. It blew out in the first week and I was like, this is it for me. I get to make things I absolutely love for people all over the world. And they like it. How wonderful is this.


How did social media play a role in forming your brand?
It was right at the beginning of Instagram before everyone and their mom was an ‘influencer.’ I genuinely just posted things I liked and outfits I wore so you could see the details. Without even realizing it I was forming a brand identity. And it wasn’t a typical corporate brand identity, which I think women found refreshing. So by the time I launched the collection we had customers.


You have such distinctive personal style. How have you cultivated it over the years and how does your jewelry reflect it?
I went through phases like everyone else. I definitely knew what I liked and held true to it at each phase of my life. I had a juicy jumpsuit or seven in middle school forsure. By the end of high school into college I was heavily into the Olsen era of leather pants and white t-shirts.

I just loved the idea of wearing staple pieces, like a t-shirt or white button down and then adding that extra kick at the end. You can have so much fun with accessories. I collected a lot of vintage, mostly art deco and tribal pieces. There was something really timeless and beautiful about mixing those two styles. They didn’t skew too much one way. I felt feminine, but also edgy. Thats really where the DYLANLEX aesthetic came from.


What’s the trick to styling your jewelry? How do you approach a look?
The beauty of creating this jewelry line is that we take out the styling process. There is no trick. You just throw it on over a sweater, tank top, or t shirt and it enhances your look. Everyone that puts it on has the same reaction – at first when they see it they’re like ‘can I do this?’ and then they put it on and they want to go out! It’s the greatest thing watching women put a piece on. They literally turn into Sasha Fierce. Ugh I love it. If I could be there with every customer while they are getting their first piece I would be the happiest person in the world.


What are your favorite places to shop? We are always in awe of your sick vintage!
For clothing? Vintage! New Found, my friend Richard owns and he also started A Current Affair, which I think most people know by now, if you don’t you’re missing out! They pop up in LA, NY and SF now and gather all of the best vintage vendors. Honestly, whenever I see new vintage places while traveling or even here in LA I immediately pull over and go in. I have to. I don’t care if its a hole in the wall or a massive shop. That one amazing piece could be in there and I don’t want to miss it. Other then that I mostly shop online. I love finding new brands people don’t have yet.


What pieces are your perennial faves?
FALKOR. It’s the first piece I designed and to this day, it’s one I wear regularly. It’s my first love, my first jewelchild! More recent, are all gold. I never thought I’d be a gold person, but its so much fun to wear. BEAU, AXEL II, GILDED FALKOR. And we just dropped a new collection of bone colored stones and gold. Paired with swimwear and crisp white shirts for summer, it feels very Slim Aarons: La Dolce Vita.


Tell us about your Beyonce moment. How major!
I think that has been the most interesting thing, how stylists and other creatives find us. It’s so real, it’s not a business transaction. We don’t pay to play. They truly enjoy the style we bring and seeing stylists bring life to our jewelry is so rewarding. Beyonce’s Formation middle fingers up image is hanging in our office. I still get birthday cards and DM’s of people tattooing her with our jewelry on their bodies. It makes me smile every time.

What’s next for you and the brand?
Oh! I can’t tell! But I was a clothing designer before launching this brand so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We also will be doing a pop-up in NYC this fall from September to mid-October.

Photography by Emerald Carroll for The Stone Set