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As absolute jewelry devotees, we are addicted to the thill of the hunt. An intricate cameo, an Art Deco crystal necklace, a bejeweled brooch: we seek pieces with personality and provenance. Finding them in this modern age is difficult. To acquire the real gems, you either have to trek up to Brimfield with fingers crossed for no rain, dig through huge boxes amidst crowds at the flea market, or haggle with middle men over inflated prices online.

When we learned about EVERYTHING BUT THE HOUSE, it felt like jewelry’s best kept-secret. The pioneering online estate sale destination is expertly curated, and chock-full of treasures. All bids start at $1 and there are fair controls around bidding (no poaching at the last minute!). Individuals and families may sell collections directly within the marketplace via white-glove service. The experience is elevated and intimate; a far cry from hours spent scrolling through eBay or Craigslist. Items are vetted through appraisal teams to assess quality and authenticity, unlike other online platforms.

Ahead of an upcoming sale, we connected with Chief Brand Officer Mandana Dayani in Los Angeles about the company’s forward-thinking mission, tips on acquiring estate jewelry online, and her personal style. Enjoy a sneak peek at the jewels before they go public…and make first bids fast! -Jenna Fain for The Stone Set

The Stone Set: Tell us about EVERYTHING BUT THE HOUSE’S mission and how it came to be.
Mandana Dayani: EVERYTHING BUT THE HOUSE’s mission to be the world’s largest and most trusted marketplace for estate sales. Our founders, Brian Graves and Jacquie Denny, wanted to create a seamless solution for families and individuals looking to sell their collections. Our employees help sellers maximize the value of their belongings by doing all of the work: we sort, research and photograph items before they go live on our auction-based platform for 7 days (all items start at just $1 with no reserve). Then we handle marketing, shipping and delivery of items to buyers. It’s truly a full-service option.


What’s your role at the company? What do you love most about your job and EBTH?
My role at EBTH is primarily to lead brand strategy and experience, in addition to brand marketing partnerships, merchandising and global communications. Together, with our amazing team, our goal is to communicate EBTH’s unique value proposition, build loyalty from our existing customers, drive global brand awareness and ensure consistency and authenticity across every customer touchpoint.

As an avid vintage collector (it all started with a Courrèges jacket), I fell in love with EBTH right away. The personal fascination made the company something I was excited to be a part of and help grow, but I also admired the brand heritage and culture. Our focus is on authenticity and innovation that prioritizes trustworthy service. It is truly inspiring to see the impact we are able to make on people’s lives.


How do you seek to change the way women shop for estate and costume jewelry?
We know that the thrill of the hunt is a huge part of why women love shopping for estate and costume jewelry. You never know what you’ll uncover! At EBTH, we’re combining discovery (we have thousands of new items added every day) with unprecedented access. No longer do you have to wake up at dawn, wait in line at a house and hope that by the time you get into an estate sale, it hasn’t been completely picked over. You can search for one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces from all over the country without even having to leave your bed. It’s flexible, exciting – and addictive!

What’s your personal jewelry style?
I love big, masculine watches. I usually wear a Rolex or IWC. The white Rolex with diamonds is a dream. I also love to layer rings – the look is really impactful and fun. One of my favorite rings we’re selling right now is this white gold and staggering diamond ring.


What principles should women heed when purchasing estate jewelry online?
1. Pay attention to details and look out for flaws that are irreparable. Scratches can be removed, but discoloration or cracks are more serious damages.
2. Educate yourself about jewelry designers. Each has certain identifying hallmark.
3. Look for “patina” or wear that occurs after years of use. In moderation, it can add just the right amount of warmth and character to a piece.
4. Browse for statement pieces that you love rather than having a predetermined list of what you think you need. The random, unexpected items that you come across are always much more rewarding, and they make for great stories!


Tell us about your company culture.
Our core values at EBTH are service, trust, and innovation. We are passionate about what we do and enjoy making the estate sale process a personal experience for each of our sellers. Every item that we sell has a personal history and we try as frequently as possible to share the stories of what people have collected and what these items mean to them. We are constantly evaluating our technology and user experience to make sure it is the best it can be. Creating a dynamic marketplace where people can discover everything they love is what drives us!


How do you source the jewelry?
We receive most of our jewelry from individual sellers. These can be people who have collected special pieces over their lifetime and are ready for them to find new homes, or individuals whose personal style has changed and are doing a jewelry box clean-out. We also partner with jewelers and select consignment businesses for special sales.

A story I love: we recently received a large box of costume jewelry that had a large pin with what looked like tons of large rose cut rhinestones. Upon further inspection and testing, we confirmed that it was in fact a 7.00 ct t.w. rose cut diamond brooch from either the late 1800’s or early 1900’s. It was completely unmarked in this shoebox! We can’t wait to sell it on the site.

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This story is in partnership with EVERYTHING BUT THE HOUSE.