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Candice Pool of Finn makes the delicate yet impactful pieces that women dream about. Since launching in 2005, Finn has become beloved for its Love Knot Rings and pieces with universal romantic elements. Pool invited us into her newly renovated SoHo showroom (think: if modern-day Marie Antoinette had a sitting room!) to learn more about her classic collection, engagement ring design process, and more. -The Stone Set

Finn isn’t complicated. Its motifs are universal; hearts, stars, arrows…rabbits. But it’s the execution that sets it apart. We use setting techniques that one can see in museum quality jewelry, though Finn is meant to be worn every day. Treasured, but not so precious it’s saved only for special occasions. The hearts are puffed, and the size of each of the diamonds it’s set with is deliberate. It’s like that with each piece. Take something relatable and make it absolutely gorgeous.


Our most popular pieces are the Pave Puffed Heart Necklace and the Love Knot Ring. Again, both are relatable, both can be attached to your own personal story. I rotate my jewelry and layer Finn with other personal jewels in my collection. Right now I have my Van Cleef & Arpels vintage Alhambra Bracelet mixed with Finn’s rose-cut diamond bracelets. On my neck, I’m wearing our Looking Glass Scapular Necklace. It’s part of our collection now, but something I made for my mother’s birthday last year.


Oh, engagement rings. Typically the process starts with a man calling in a panic. He’s waited years to make a move and once he does he needs the ring right now. It’s hilarious. But engagement rings take a lot of time and effort. It is such a big deal for these men…the pressure to deliver is intense. I always start with a budget. The possibilities are infinite, so it’s the easiest way to narrow down options. If he doesn’t have any ideas of his own, I start by asking questions like, “What kind of purse does she carry? What earrings does she wear? Does she wear Chanel flats or Chuck Taylors?” Anything to get an idea of the girl. This is something she is going to wear every day, so it should fit who she is every day. I am proud to say, though, we haven’t had a client yet who hasn’t had his expectations exceeded. If you only commit to making beautiful things and leave no margin for compromise, you can always win. To be honest, I have turned guys away. If their only prerequisite is that the diamond is huge, I send them, very politely, elsewhere. Like I said, I’m a Libra. If it’s not beautiful, it kills me.


I love my showroom so much. We worked with designer Daun Curry. Her approach to design is very similar to mine. Don’t just make it pretty, make it special. Do things that people may not even consciously notice, but they’ll feel the luxury. Our coral wall isn’t just a paint. It’s a custom varnish that an artist mixed with commercial grade eyeshadow. Yes, that’s eyeshadow giving it color! Visitors comment on the wall, but what they don’t realize is there’s a reason it draws you in. And for me, there’s a story. It’s valuable. Just like my jewelry.” –Candice Pool

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Photography by The Stone Set.

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