Hirotaka Inoue’s eponymous line of fine jewelry Hirotaka is largely inspired by nature and Buddhism. The Tokyo-based jeweler beautifully unites minimalist restraint with a sense of playfulness. Hirotaka also incorporates traditional Japanese elements, yet his designs are pointedly on-trend and so versatile. -The Stone Set

I moved to Paris in 1998 to study jewelry making and design, but my childhood passion for metallic beetles and the colorful living creatures of tropical rain forests still lays underneath of all my creative activities as a jeweler. I feel that jewelry making with natural precious materials is one of the ultimate forms of art, especially when they are wearable in daily lives and accentuate your personality. From 2000, I worked as an in-house designer for a diamond jeweler in Tokyo. My designing task at that time was for Haute Joaillerie, which gave me a good basic understanding of high quality jewelry making. I became independent from 2007 and designed mostly bespoke jewelry. In 2010, I decided to show my work in New York, and ever since I release collections twice a year. In 2013, my Grub Ring and Gossamer Diamond Bar line caught some good attention, and now focusing on more everyday personal jewelry line.


My jewelry designs tend to be either very organic or very minimal. If I were influenced by Tokyo or Japan consciously or subconsciously, I guess that you can see the influence in my jewelry and its creative concept. Japanese traditional designs that you can find in kimono, architecture, and the food presentation, etc., also have both elements.

Observing minute details of insects, birds, and intricate orchid petals, is an infinite source of inspirational forms and designs. I tend to digest them into much more abstract forms and style. When you observe animals and plants, some of them have extremely exaggerated claws, horns, scales, feathers, thorns, stems, nuts, especially under the tropic intense sun and dark deep sea. I may not make jewelry as is, but certainly they are the source of my creative inspirations. You may not see the exact original object very often, but I enjoy conveying the essence of it in a most minimal simple fashion. Gossamer Diamond Bar Earrings and Ear Pins are made from observing sparkling spider web with dews; simple minute diamond lines with slight curve.


As a jewelry designer, when the concept translates well into wearable designs, that is a success. Gossamer collection, one of our bestselling lines, inspired by spiderwebs catching sparkling dews, it is a super minimal design yet gives a sense of edge to the wearer. When my clients wear them like they are a part of them, my jewelry design completes. Up next I am working some shapes of birds’ and bats’ body parts; it is very experimental, and will be released as a collection this fall.” -Hirotaka Inoue

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Photography by Stefania Yarhi.