Irene Neuwirth’s Favorites

Los Angeles-based fine jewelry designer Irene Neuwirth is beloved for her always-evolving collection, an ode to Southern California with its subtle curves, adventurous composition, explosive pops of color, and sense of power. We admire Neuwirth for her decades-long commitment to her craft, championing of the opal, and incredible personal style. Her jewelry enables wearers to feel instantly vibrant, decadent, and connected to the earth, and can be just as easily paired with a sundress or a red carpet gown. All of her pieces are handmade and Neuwirth works with rare and high-quality gemstones that you won’t find elsewhere. The CFDA Awards winner warmly welcomed us inside her headquarters in Venice, California for a closer look at her creative process and journey as a jeweler, which we’ll share throughout September. Below, Neuwirth exclusively reveals her perennial favorites. -The Stone Set

18k Yellow Gold Necklace with Turquoise and Diamond Pave
“Turquoise is one of my favorite stones. I love mixing it with different colors and shapes. This piece is one of my favorites because of the simplicity of the stones and diamonds, but it still makes a statement.”


18k Yellow Gold One of a Kind Cuff with Turquoise and Rose Cut Diamonds
“This is one of my favorite bracelets. I would wear it every day if I could. It’s versatile and can be worn during the day or for a night out.”

18k White Gold Cuff with Rose Cut Diamonds
“I love this piece because it’s so classic. It goes with anything and can be layered with my other bangles and cuffs or worn alone.”

18k Rose Gold Earrings with Onyx and Rose Cut Diamonds
“These earrings are a classic piece for me. I have made them in all different stone combinations. The onyx are timeless.”


18k Yellow Gold One-of-a-Kind Bracelet with Mixed Colombian Emeralds
“This bracelet was one of the first pieces I made using emeralds. It also doesn’t hurt that Julianne Moore wore it to the Met Ball.”


18k Rose Gold One of a Kind Necklace with Tanzanite, Lightning Ridge Opal, Rose Cut Diamonds, and Diamond Pave
“This necklace is part of my newest collection using Tanzanite. I love this stone; I love the color and how it pops.”

18k Rose Gold Limited Edition Earrings with Mexican Fire Opal, Rubies, and Diamond Pave
“These earrings are a burst of color. They aren’t too big but still make a big statement.”

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Photography by The Stone Set.