Jackie O & Marilyn Monroe: Legends in Gems

Kicking off a sparkling 2016 The Stone Set-style, we’re continuing our Legends in Gems collaboration with New York-based illustrator and stylist Anouk Colantoni. (See her On The Rocks profile here.)

This New Year’s we’re poking fun at the age-old “light vs. dark”, “nice vs. naughty”, “blonde vs. brunette” dichotomy. We of course don’t believe successful, intriguing, and well-rounded women can be so easily classified! The Stone Set’s punchy take on this presents two jewelry-loving icons of the 50s, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Marilyn Monroe, reimagined as modern mavens Gigi and Bella Hadid ringing in the New Year. -Jenna Fain for The Stone Set

1. Bella Hadid as Jackie O – sultry sophistication meets quiet elegance.


In a prim and proper triple-strand pearl necklace and powder blue gown – this is her story:

As Bella lit the dinner party candles and channeled her inner Jackie O at an Upper East Side townhouse, she marveled at her perfectly pouffed bouffant and lustrous strands of pearls. She pulled up her crisp opera-length gloves one more time and proclaimed:

“Come one, come all – I’m Bella of the ball!”


2. Gigi Hadid as Marilyn Monroe – girlish glam meets brazen bombshell.


Decked out in diamonds and haughty hot pink – this is her story:

As Gigi sizzled and shimmied like Marilyn Monroe, she knew all eyes were on her – the life of the party. The night was young, the party was packed, and the bubbly was flowed freely. Strewn with diamonds from admirers near and far, she conquered the dancefloor and winked:

“Gentlemen definitely prefer blondes!”


Enjoy more of Anouk’s work on her Tumblr and follow @anoukcolantoni on Instagram for her #DoodleADay.