Juliana, Tiffany & Venetia: Bling & Besties

In honor of National Best Friends Day, On the last day of a whirlwind trip to LA, we had a choice: sleep in, veg all day and recover from a flurry of shoots OR, venture into the Valley at a friend’s last-minute suggestion for us to meet three best friends that are up and coming stylists. As usual, our curiosity got the best of us and we couldn’t resist. A few texts later, we were off in an Uber.

Venetia Kidd, Tiffany Tucker, and Juliana Vargas are three young, determined and charming women who have dived head first into the styling scene, working for the likes of Wendi & Nicole, Joseph Cassell, and Kate Young.

We gathered at Tiffany’s apartment and as they trickled in, they were, charmingly, all essentially wearing pretty much the same outfit. This was not planned and we all had a good laugh. Note to self: seek out a Prince of Wales checked blazer.

Refreshingly candid and full of energy and laughter, we ventured outside to snap a few photos and talk jewelry, coming up in a challenging industry, and how they support each other. On National Best Friends Day, we couldn’t think of three better ladies to highlight—they’re already making their mark! -Jenna Fain for The Stone Set

How did your lives lead you to styling as a career path?
Venetia Kidd: We all live in the greater Los Angeles area and have been doing wardrobe styling for the past 4-8 years. I’ve always been a right-brain functioning student and knew my path would lead me to a creative career. I moved to LA from Toronto when I was 23 years old, thinking I wanted to work in fashion PR and after a year of interning I realized that wasn’t the right career for me and switched to the other side of the job and got into styling.

Tiffany Tucker: I was born and raised in South LA. Right after graduating high school, I attended the Art Institute of Hollywood to study Fashion Marketing & Management. I knew I wanted to work in fashion but wasn’t quite sure what side, until I got my first internship with stylist Ashley North. From then on I knew I wanted to do styling. Its been about 8 years since I began my styling journey.

Juliana Vargas: I was born and raised in Colombia. I have always been creative and loved fashion but at that moment the opportunities in Colombia were not as accessible as they are now so I never pursued fashion as a career.

I ended up moving to LA when I was 24 and things just worked out in a way I could have never imagined. I got an internship at a fashion PR firm and that’s where I discovered celebrity styling. I ended up leaving to go intern for Brad Goreski and that’s how it all started.

What’s the most gratifying part of styling? The most challenging?
[V]: the most gratifying is showcasing someone personality on a carpet and making them feel confident in that look. The most challenging would establishing the work life balance.

[T]: The most exciting part of styling for me, is seeing the final outcome on the red carpet or on TV, etc. The most challenging is trying to not bring work at home but this job follows you everywhere you go.

[J]:The most gratifying part is looking at the finished product and knowing you were part of that. I also love when clients feel great in something that we worked so hard for.

The most challenging part is definitely not taking work home… it’s impossible.


What’s a typical day like?
[V]: No one day is the same which is a blessing for myself because I would get bored. Depending on the job it can consist of prepping or wrapping a job, constructing wardrobe for performances or administrative tasks like billing and merchandising.

[T]: It varies! One day you could be doing a full day of returns while also trying to send requests out for the next job.

[J]: No two days are the same! And that is one of my favorite parts of the job.

How did you meet?
[Venetia] Juli and I interned at the same PR firm when we first moved to LA but then really connected when we interned under the same celebrity stylist. Juli met Tiffany at a work event two years ago and we’ve been inseparable since.


How do you support each other in work and life? Do you ever collaborate?
[V] Yes, we are supportive in work and life. It always helps to get feedback and input from someone who’s in the same field as you. Also being the same age and going through the motions of life at the same time makes it easy to have a strong connection.

[T]: It is so amazing to have friends that understand what your day to day is like. We talk all throughout the day to ask how everything is going and making sure we are all still alive (LOL). We are all just there for each other whether it’s for work or life. Yes, we have been able to collaborate on a few projects. It was fun to do it as a team.

[J] We are very supportive of each other, not only as friends but also at work. Literally if I need a black pump for a client and Venetia or Tiffany have one, they will 100% let me borrow it and even bring it to me! That’s how we roll.


What’s your style like? How does jewelry play a role?
[V]: I think the busier I’ve gotten in the job the less I’ve been able to work on my own personal style. My go-to is jeans and a band tee or a blazer. In recent months I’ve became obsessed with jewelry! I got another ear piercing to feed my addiction and I don’t think I’m done. My ring collection needs some work but I have my staple necklaces I wear daily (name plate and cross).

[T]: Simple and comfortable. I love a t-shirt and jean look, with a blazer every now and then. I also love sneakers! My jewelry definitely completes my everyday look. If I don’t have my day-to- day pieces on, I feel naked and incomplete.

[J]: My style is pretty relaxed and simple, I am a jeans and tee type of girl but when I go out (if I have time to have a life) I go all out! Little black dress or black pants and a leather jacket are my go-to. I never take my jewelry off, not even to sleep.

Who are your favorite jewelry designers? What pieces are most special to you?

[V]: I really like EF Collection for everyday jewelry and stackable rings. I really like Jacquie Aiche—since I’m into crystals, the aesthetic of the brand represents me well. My black orchid David Yurman ring is very special to me along with my Pandora bracelet that I rarely wear, but the fact that each charm has meaning and value is really special.

[T]: For personal, everyday pieces I love are by Jennifer Meyer and EF Collection. I have a gold bangle and ring that’s from Belize (where my family is from). It’s a reminder of home and family.

[J]: My favorites are EF Collection for my everyday pieces and Beladora for custom and/or vintage. My most precious pieces are my grandmother’s rings and a gold bracelet that my dad gave me and all my siblings.


Any advice or words of wisdom that you try to live by?
[V]: Work hard and play harder. Be a good person and that same energy will be reflected back onto you.

[T]: Work your ass off every day and put your all into it. Don’t half-ass anything, that won’t get you far. Be a genuine and kind person. Surround yourself with people who inspire you and support you.

[J]: Hard work pays off but this job is not glamorous at all, this job is for hustlers. Since I am always working I try to surround myself with amazing people who will only bring me up and who I can learn from. I don’t like negativity or drama.

Photography by Emerald Carroll for The Stone Set