Linda Ramone

Linda Ramone lives life in technicolor. When we pulled up to her sprawling Sherman Oaks home, the legendary “Ramones Ranch,” we weren’t sure what to expect. We’d heard from her friend Beth Yorn of Elisabeth Bell Jewelry that Linda’s love of jewelry (well, accessories period) rivaled the best we could ever imagine. While she’s a devoted fashion enthusiast, Linda’s full-time role is as President of Ramones Productions to preserve the punk legend of The Ramones in honor of her late husband, Johnny Ramone.

Stepping into Linda’s home is like a time warp to the swinging 60s: rooms are themed by color and pay homage to the decade’s pinnacle cultural moments. Linda and boyfriend J.D. King of The Olms live with one-eyed cat Munchkin and a mind-boggling amount of memorabilia. As we moved through the Nancy Sinatra-inspired living room, the Disney Room, the Elvis room, and even a horror-themed media library, it was clear that every aspect of Linda’s life revolves around her love for collecting objects. From taxidermy to thigh-high boots to film posters (a historically significant, world-class collection), her 60s siren style is unabashedly maximalist.

A standout of Linda’s lair is her incredible jewelry collection, which hangs boldly around her home. Despite her collection’s sheer volume, Linda can instantly recall the time, place, and mood of where she acquired each piece. With a penchant for turquoise and silver vintage pieces along with newer costume jewelry from the design houses, Linda’s policy is simple and straightforward: if she loves it, she’ll wear it. -Jenna Fain for The Stone Set

“I love jewelry because I love dressing up. If I don’t get dressed up every day, it won’t be a fun day. How could you not want to get dressed up each day? I wake up in the morning and I love putting on my jewelry with my outfit. It varies: sometimes I’ll wake up wanting to wear a pair of boots and I’ll match my outfit towards that, but sometime’s it’s a dress.

Now, I’m into tiaras! I’ve always liked princesses because I love Disney. It’s just fun! I first got a Roberto Cavalli tiara and the collection went from there. I collect everything—movie posters, jewelry, clothes, mannequin heads. It’s always good to find an old Biba head from the past. Same with hangers. I am a true collector in every sense.


It’s safe to say my favorite decade is the 60s. I love the London look. I love Rudi Gernreich, I love Courrèges, I love Pucci. All of my favorite designers are from the 60s. But you can incorporate vintage with new. I can wear a vintage Chanel bag with new Gucci boots. I mix and match everything—nothing gets old. I just like everything to match.


Style is how people perceive you. They say you can judge a person by their shoes. I guess I’ll go by that because I’m always in boots! The 60s was fun because everyone decided to show up and look great. None of my pieces look strange to me. Looking good makes your whole day go by nicely. Do you really want to go out in gym clothes? Why not look your best and feel great.


My favorite color is purple, but I love turquoise, orange, and pink. They’re all happy colors! It’s why my living room is orange and pink, which was inspired by a Nancy Sinatra outfit. I love turquoise jewelry because it goes with everything. I’ve collected it for fifteen years. I collect turquoise from traveling to Vegas, doing road trips, and my friend Christian Evans. He traveled all around the world buying it. We’d have jewelry parties and all my friends would come over. Both Lisa Marie’s, J.D. Christian come up with a big bag and we buy up everything! The pieces always feel good when you put them on.


I love costume jewelry. A giant turquoise necklace, my amazing white pearl necklace, my black onyx necklace, and a new piece I love by Oscar de la Renta. The piece looks like a nighttime piece but I wear it during the day. The piece I wear every day has a J, L, and R. My friend Lisa Marie Presley gave it to me. It’s for Johnny and Linda Ramone, and also represents J.D. King. I wear it close to my heart.


My strangest jewelry story is around a padlock collar I got at Agent Provacateur twelve years ago. I wore it out with Johnny and it started choking me. It got tighter and tighter as the night went on and I tried to eat. I wouldn’t take it off because I loved how it looked, but at the end of the night, my whole neck was red. I refused to take it off. Way too tight, but it was so gorgeous! Plus, there was a matching cuff too.


I love Kenneth Jay Lane, Oscar de la Renta, Badgley Mischka, but my favorite is Pitango’s jewelry. The thing about me is, I wear everything. When people say, oh, I wouldn’t get that because it doesn’t go with anything—those are the pieces I buy.” –Linda Ramone

Photography by Emerald Carroll for The Stone Set

  • mistresssinthia

    That is the ugliest, tackiest collection of jewelry I’ve ever seen.Tasteless crap.

  • mistresssinthia

    Tiaras? You’ve got to be joking.Cornball style! Not even at a six year olds birthday party or Halloween do they look cool. They’re a joke and look ridiculous in her pseudo 60s badly styled and ill fitting Elvis costume hand me downs.and matching go-go boots.Get a clue, eyesore. Keep it simple stupid.Fashion disaster.