Margo & Me: On The Rocks at Barneys

Jenny Cipoletti’s romantic world all her own has garnered an adoring following. Margo & Me provides a major dose of wanderlust inducing cinematic backdrops, dreamy ensembles, and candid reflections on life. A former publicist and journalist with an eye for detail and adornment, Jenny is a true girl’s girl. Florals, gold, lace—nothing is off limits!

Fresh off a travel spree, we caught up with Jenny about her latest globetrotting, go-to Barneys jewels for fall, and a big new endeavor set to launch next year. All over Freds’ famous fries and a refreshing French 75. Having recently relocated from LA to NYC’s Chelsea, we thought it the best way to welcome Jenny to the neighborhood and her local Barneys! -Jenna Wise for The Stone Set

Tell us about your outfit and how it represents your style.
I’m wearing a look from one of my favorite Parisian brands, Maje. I adore them for their effortless approach to femininity, pretty much my motto when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. I tend to elevate my everyday style through my accessories while playing off of a neutral base. There’s something timeless and elegant about the way this set wears and looks.


What’s your approach to jewelry?
I take the same approach to jewelry as I do my style. The pieces in my collection feel timeless with diamonds being my favorite stone. I love the way pave shimmers, especially paired next to an emerald cut stone like the one I’m wearing today. There’s something sexy about stacking bracelets or layering necklaces but never together.


What jewelry designers are you drawn to?
I’m drawn to Irene Neuwirth’s collection because of her delicate, organic and artful approach to playing with the placement of pave diamonds. Wearing colorful stones can be intimidating to some but the way she plays with pave has a beautiful way of softening the sometimes striking look of a bold color gem. I’m also really drawn to Dauphin’s pieces for their linear approach. Wearing a Dauphin piece makes me feel strong.


Do you have a particular affinity for rings, necklaces, earrings, metals, or stones? Any heirloom pieces in your life that are priceless?
It depends on the outfit but I go between a statement earring or layered necklaces most frequently in my day to day. And always gold! When styling my jewelry, I focus on one main piece, it’s either a statement earring or a necklace, never the two together. Another fun jewelry rule of mine? Gold and silver can pair together but I never wear rose gold with anything else but rose gold. My heirloom pieces are my pride and joy. My grandmother was the queen of costume and fine jewelry and would never let me leave her house without taking a little something with me growing up. I have a treasure chest of what she would call “goodies,” that I cherish more than anything.


Do you often drop into Freds and Barneys Downtown given you now live around the corner?
Perhaps not the smartest thing I’ve ever done – moving in next door to Barneys that is! It’s quickly becoming my second home. The jewelry department and beauty counters consist of my most frequent visits. Plus, who doesn’t love a late lunch/happy hour meeting at Freds! Aperol Spritz are my go to drink since returning from Capri this summer – swear this is not #Sponsored!


What are you working on right now? Any big trips around the corner?
Always! Another trip to Italy is on the horizon in addition to a stop in Paris which I couldn’t be happier about. When we return early October, our furniture will finally be installed which means it’s finally time to cozy in for fall. Besides that, I have two projects in the works. Launching a jewelry line of my own in Spring 2019 for each of you that are equally as jewelry obsessed as I am – yes, you can expect gold.

I am also working on an app that should hopefully be launching in October. It’s something I’ve been working on for two plus years and has been a tremendous undertaking but as someone who’s familiar with the tech space and fashion space, I saw an opportunity to create something that doesn’t yet exist that will hopefully change the experience of shopping for people around the world!


Finish the sentence: Diamonds are _______.
Diamonds are the quickest way to my heart!

Photography by Emerald Carroll for The Stone Set

This story is in partnership with Barneys New York.

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