Mizuki Jewelry

Mizuki Goltz beautifully bridges Western and Eastern motifs in her eponymous fine jewelry brand, Mizuki. An early pioneer on the New York fine jewelry scene in the 90s, Mizuki’s work, informed by her background in visual arts and sculpture, continues to stand out. Her collection unites traditional elements of Mizuki’s Japanese heritage such as harmony and elegance with the fashion-forward creativity and vitality of the city.

We love the range of Mizuki jewelry. Pieces are elevated and luxurious, but stunning in their simplicity and wearable for every day. Precious materials including gold and diamonds comprise a delicate silhouette, but her signature chunky pearls and clever symbols surprise and delight. -Jenna Fain for The Stone Set

I was born in Tokyo and then grew up in New York from the age of 10. My work is filtered through the duality of my mixed backgrounds. I studied sculpture at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. I love the physicality of it, both in making and the space interaction. This process was transformed into working in precious metals and jewelry. It was also at college where I met my husband and to share a vision with someone who has similar aesthetics or at times very different interests, has been a blessing.


My grandmother gave me my name. In Japanese, a name can be written many different ways by combining kanji characters which changes the meaning. The characters she chose symbolize purity, vitality and fluidity. I always try to remember and incorporate these three components in my designs and my life!

I love how the material makes one feel, how it falls and accentuates the contour of the body, the palette, the sensuality. This for me is essential in designing for a woman. My design DNA is creating jewelry that is beautifully modern. My most known piece is the sidecross necklace I created eighteen years ago. I think it is a perfect symbol of the duality of my Western and Eastern background. The other shape is the sleek diamond icicle necklace. A minimal but sensual piece. And my most recent is the asymmetrical pearl and diamond collar. It creates refined drama around my face. For everyday, I use my hands a lot when I speak so having stacks of pearl and diamond cuffs harmonizes and ties it all together.


When I was in high school, I looked through Japanese architectural and fashion magazines endlessly. I dreamed my future home would be of simple concrete, like Tadao Ando’s work. I’m inspired by the people that inhabit these cities and I design for the effortlessly chic women I see. New York’s constant change and sense of power and Tokyo’s sense of intimacy in its energy and refinement is what I cherish.

The unconventional beauty of Baroque pearls and their luster have always fascinated me. Combining them with the richness of gold and refined lines are perfection to me! I’ve always incorporated a leather element to give that spice of something different, fun and sexy. It beautifully compliments the naturalism of the pearl.


I’ve used hair in one of my collections, so leather is low-key compared to that but I always worked in leather with gold. I had heavily woven pieces to simple braiding and knotting. It gives a sexiness and edge and also a sense of immediacy and at the same time makes a lasting statement of who you are. This fashion sense is why it becomes an everyday piece that easily transitions to night and can still be interesting. By creating the sliders, it personalizes and really pushes the intensity of the piece. A woman could really go over the top if she wanted!


That the creative process is always evolving. Sometimes it comes easily and other times it is very difficult so I reflect on who I am and where I came from. How I started with a dream and fortunate to be where I am. How important it is to have good people to work with. And most importantly, when it seems nothing is working, to stay focused and believe in yourself because reaching a goal isn’t always immediate or as important as the process. As they say, patience is a virtue, and to find success in the thing you love is truly amazing. –Mizuki

Photography by Emerald Carroll for The Stone Set