Muzo Emerald Colombia: The Stone Set 7

We had the pleasure to join Muzo Emerald Colombia at an exceptional showcase of their new designer collaboration. Aiming to create awareness around Colombian emeralds, Muzo curated a compelling group of 25 fine jewelry designers (so much talent, both emerging and established!) to create a capsule that speaks to the rarity and beauty of Muzo stones.

The modern venue at Five One Five, a new luxury condominium building in the heart of West Chelsea, was a perfect study in contrast when juxtaposed with these one-of-a-kind emerald marvels.

The curation celebrates the organic wonder that Muzo is renowned for: lush green emeralds featured in their raw state whether as slices, cabochons, tripaches, or tumbles. From “mine to Maison,” Muzo prides itself on social responsibility and sustainability, and an ability to trace the origins and journey of its stones with full transparency.

The full collaboration range truly emphasizes the diversity of emeralds and why the vibrant green stone has emerged as a frontrunner in fine jewelry and fashion. Coupled with Muzo’s commitment to ethics, authenticity, and women’s empowerment, the appeal of the designs is only amplified. My aptly named business partner Emerald and I had the pleasure of taking a look at this collection first hand and picked out a few or our favorites. If you’re searching for a meaningful and rare gift this holiday season, this is it. Below are our personal picks from the collaboration, The Stone Set 7 style. -Jenna Wise for The Stone Set



Daniela Villegas Tejedora de Sueños (Snake Ring) • 18k yellow gold with a 37.20 carat Muzo emerald cabochon and 2.12ct emeralds.


Ara Vartanian Earrings • 18k white and yellow gold with 35.18 carats of Muzo emerald slices, 0.62 carats of black diamonds and 0.70 carats of white diamonds.


Venyx Muzo Narwhal Necklace • 18k yellow gold with 18 carats of Muzo emeralds, 0.09 carats of fancy diamonds, 0.15 carats of tsavorites, 0.32 carats of amethysts, 0.22 carats of blue sapphires, 0.21 carats of pink sapphires, 0.10 carats of orange sapphires, 26.41 carats of emeralds, and 4.68 carats of opals.



Makal Ring • 18k Ethical Gold (Fairtrade) 14,7 gr of Au set with 13.75ct of Muzo emeralds, 0.82ct of RJC diamonds and 6 gold nuggets of 6.3 gr.


VICTOR VELYAN EARRINGS • 24k and 18K yellow gold with 42.54 carats of Muzo emeralds and 3.22 carats of diamonds.


Dana Bronfman Marquise Agra Cuff • 18K Fairmined yellow gold, 4.35 carat of Muzo emerald and 18 carats of VVS diamond melee.


Coomi Bloom Earrings • 20K yellow gold with 13.20 carats of Muzo trapiche emeralds and Muzo cabochon emeralds 3.30 carats and 1.05 carats of diamonds.

Full Designer List
Alexandra Mor
Alice Cicolini
Ara Vartanian
Dana Bronfman
Daniela Villegas
Daria de Koning
Eden Presley
Erica Courtney
House of Meraki
Lisa Kim
Katherine Jetter
Kimberly McDonald
Mateo New York
M. Spalten
Mercedes Salazar
Noor Fares
Sandra Dixon
Selim Mouzannar
Spencer Fine Jewelry
The Rock Hound
Victor Velyan
Wilfredo Rosado

Photography by Emerald Carroll for The Stone Set

This story is in partnership with Muzo Emerald Colombia.