Neada Jane Deters

Neada Jane Deters has worn a lot of hats in a lot of creative capitals. The Sydney, Australia native got her start in fashion editorial at VICE in New York, then ventured into brand consulting. Her Instagram hooked us in with its dreamy, sun-drenched California vibes and behind-the-scenes look at her day-to-day.

It was only fitting that after a move to Los Angeles when Neada craved a stripped down, clean skincare solution to treat her breakouts, she created it in her kitchen. LESSE Skincare hits every mark in terms of effectiveness and purity all while looking beautiful on your top shelf.

We met up with the founder at her serene new home in Venice Beach to chat all things jewelry (Neada has an affinity for pearls and glass), self-care, and her go-to spots in LA. You’ll love her streamlined and minimalist approach—with a dash of beachy—to fashion and living and want to move to LA stat. -Jenna Wise for The Stone Set

What brought you to LA?
I was born and raised in Sydney, but found myself in New York in my early 20s. I spent several years there working first for VICE but mostly in fashion consulting and editorial. By the end, I was burnt out and really missed being close to nature, especially the beach which has always felt like home to me. I was bicoastal for a couple of years but finally made the commitment to be in LA full-time a little over a year ago.


Your home in Venice is beautiful. What do you love about the neighborhood? Any favorite spots?
Thank you! Renovating this house has been a journey.

We chose to live here because it’s close to the beach and you can walk or cycle everywhere—something that makes the transition to LA so much easier! Gjusta, MTN, Shop LCD, General Store, and Night + Market are my favorite local spots. But there’s nothing quite like a long summer’s day in North Malibu if you don’t mind the drive.


How did your skincare line LESSE come to be?
It might have been the stress or pollution—or who knows what—but my skin was always breaking out when I lived in New York. I went from having great skin and never wearing makeup in Australia to having an arduous regime of skin care and makeup products to feel confident leaving my apartment. Those final few years when I was in editorial, I had a chance to try every product on the market and nothing worked well for me—and every brand felt like it was trying to sell people on a 12-step regime. And the ingredients tended to be diluted with fillers and occasionally harmful.

When I moved to LA, I began developing my own formulations that were focused on organic, uncompromising ingredients. When friends started trying the products—the reaction I had from them—I realized I other people might want these products. So LESSE was created. I can’t tell you how transformative these products have been for me personally, and I get emails from customers every day telling me that these products have alleviated their rosacea, acne, dermatitis…it makes it all worth it!


What are your favorite pieces of jewelry? Any you have your eye on?
My mother’s mother was a jeweler and so jewelry to me is so sentimental. Most of the pieces I we are every day have been passed down to me by the women in my family. Others are vintage, so imbued with a sense of history—and they will always be so unique.

I have my eyes on an Amazonite signet ring by J.Hannah and a vintage thick gold necklace right now, and plans to trade in my more modern watch for a simple vintage watch at some point.


Who are your favorite jewelry designers?
Sophie Buhai
Mondo Mondo
By Chari
Fade to Black
Saskia Diez
Jane D’Arensbourg

So many great ones around today, redefining the space.

Are you drawn to stones or crystals? Obviously a big wellness trend these days!
I have some but I’m not a big believer in receiving energy from objects. I more so believe in creating this kind of energy for your own life.


Share a few business lessons you’ve learned as an entrepreneur?
You will always know your brand and mission better than anyone else, so never doubt your instincts. Also, you get more bees with honey than vinegar.

What are your favorite things created by other people?
I love anything essential that makes life easier or better for others. I always think about the great innovations of architecture, furniture, and technology when I think of “things.”


Describe your dream day.
A summer’s day on the beach with a good book, followed by a long dinner with close friends and great wine.

Give the world some advice.
Be uncompromising with your life because you only have one. Read more. Be kind.

Photography by Emerald Carroll for The Stone Set