Nell Diamond

When we think of personal style honed to a T, Nell Diamond is top of mind. We’ve admired her aesthetic, sensibility, and welcoming nature for some time – not to mention her sparkling last name! As Founder and CEO of Hill House Home, entrepreneurial Nell has been devoting much of herself to taking the art of bedtime to romantic new heights.

On a blustery winter morning, we stopped by the Hill House Home store for a holiday-themed look at Nell’s personal jewelry collection. Her intimate shop sits on the venerable stretch of Bleecker Street that is currently being revived by young, digitally native brands, many of them run by women. Walking into the intimate space, not far from the West Village townhouse Nell and her family call home, is like diving headfirst into the elegant lifestyle she’s created. It’s hard not to want everything in sight!

Fueled by tea and cupcakes from neighboring Magnolia Bakery, we raided Nell’s jewelry box and talked inspiration, what every bedroom needs and how she balances work and motherhood. Read on to learn more about her favorite jewelers, ultimate luxury and what’s next for her budding brand. – Jenna Wise for The Stone Set 

How did you develop your aesthetic? How would you describe it?
I grew up in London until I was 18, so my aesthetic is really informed by that. For home – I love old-school British interiors – lots of moulding and floral patterns and rich, textured fabrics and crazy wallpaper. I’m also endlessly inspired by the incredible retail experiences you can find in London.

This spring at the Hill House Home store, we put up a huge floral display inspired by the shops around Kings Road during the Chelsea Flower Show. The way I dress is also heavily inspired by growing up in London; I’m all about tons of sparkle and color and crazy hair. I really try to have fun with how I dress; my nightmare is feeling boring in an outfit!


We love the brand you’ve created in Hill House Home. What’s on the horizon?
Thank you! Next up for us: new categories — kitchen, baby, you name it!


What are three things every bedroom should have?
Good sheets, obviously, lots of books you love and actually want to read, and an extra stash of moisturizer in your bedside table!


What’s it like balancing life as an entrepreneur and mom?
It’s incredibly difficult. I just read a quote that I can’t attribute (please hit me up if you know who said this): “We expect women to work as if they don’t have children and raise children as if they don’t work.” This really resonated with me; the expectations we place on women simply don’t match up with reality. Fortunately, I feel like I’m in a really good place right now: I have a ton of support from my Mom and my Dad, both of whom make themselves available any time my husband and I have work emergencies or just need an hour to workout on the weekends.

I also have an amazing team at work. We’ve developed real trust and transparency that allows me to sometimes say – “I’m going to be an hour late to this meeting because Henry refuses to put his shoes on today.”


Jewelry is multi-generational. You’re close with your mom; how does jewelry enrich your relationship?
My mom and I share everything — she’s my best friend. I wish I could have her physically with me every moment of the day, so wearing her jewelry is the next best thing!


Who are your favorite jewelry designers? Trademark pieces you wear every day? What’s on your wish list?
My girl Alison Chemla of Alison Lou makes some of my favorite pieces I’ve ever worn! I also am a huge fan of Sabine G, Jennifer Meyer, Anita Ko, Jennifer Fisher, and I recently went to India and visited The Gem Palace which unbelievable – such amazing pieces.


What’s your most meaningful jewel and why?
The locket necklace that my Mom received on the day I was born – I guess it’s not **technically** mine, but it does literally say my name on it, sooooo……


Describe a dream day.
Extremely late wake up, followed by a super long breakfast with my husband Teddy and 2-year-old son, Henry. Henry loves to help make smoothies, and so there’s always lots of chaos in the kitchen on these mornings. I’d spend a few hours at work after that because I’m one of those weirdos who loves the office & especially the amazing women I work with. After a few hours of work, I’d spend the rest of the day with some combination of my friends, siblings, parents, and Teddy and Henry back at home, hanging out and having a time! An extremely long walk would be involved.


Name your five favorite things on Earth.
My family of course, and then in no particular order: good books, bagels, glitter, hair bows.


What’s luxury to you?


What’s something no one would know about you?
I’m an extreme oversharer – just watch my Instagram Stories! I literally think there is nothing that fits that description.

Photography by Emerald Carroll for The Stone Set