NeverNoT: Rising Rockstars

When we came across NeverNoT jewelry, our first thought is that it’s beautiful, super colorful, and makes you feel like you’re on vacation, year-round. Is there a better combination?

After many years working in the luxury space, NeverNoT’s founders Nina, Natia, and Tamara joined together to channel their passion for fine jewelry into a new and expressive line based in London. What caught our eye was NeverNoT’s whimsical double-sided pendant with a fig leaf, encrusted with diamonds, and Ready 2 Radiate ring, a yellow gold stacking ring with black and white enamel plus a fiery garnet. We love that NeverNot jewelry is beautifully crafted and classic, but has a sense of irreverence.

The collection is light-hearted and fun, yet has a sense of heirloom-like permanence and quality. As the founders share with us, jewelry (and life!) is not meant to be “in the box,” but out in the wild, all the time. -Jenna Wise for The Stone Set

How did your lives lead you to launch your jewelry line?
NeverNoT was established in 2017 by three friends. After many years in the luxury industry, NeverNot’s founders decided to join forces to authentically honour their love and dedication to high-quality jewellery for everyday life. NeverNoT is the translation of pure passion to precious pieces.

NeverNoT is based in London but just like the creators behind it, lives and travels all over the world. Our jewels are a joyful symbol of escape, embodying cultural exploration, the meeting of new people and meaningful interactions. NeverNoT is always and continuously inspired by adventure.


What’s your brand philosophy and who do you see as your muse?
The ‘always on’ philosophy is at the core of the name and brand, for NeverNoT believes jewellery shouldn’t spend most of its life in a box. And nor should you.

So NeverNoT jewellery is fine jewellery for the very best occasion: All the time.

Our inspiration is a strong woman, confident in herself and her abilities. She is always reaching her dreams with the smile on her face and upbeat, fun attitude.

What are your trademark pieces? Which do you wear every day?
Our trademark pieces are the Show N Tell Heart Ring, which instantly became so popular that we had to add different fun neon enamelled colours for the upcoming summer season as our customers wanted to wear it on different fingers. Our Hide and Seek Fig Leaf Pendant is everybody’s favourite for its reversible secret message and contrast of white diamonds and delicate fig leaf.


What sets your jewelry apart? What have been big moments to-date?
We always wanted to create jewellery which is fun, wearable and you can play with it. We are in love with colours and even our clothes are very colourful, so NeverNoT jewellery is a continuation of our love to colour, wearability and positive mood.

The big moment to-date would be participating in THENEXTNOW competition, where out of 120 emerging jewellery designers, only 30 finalists were chosen and invited to New York and we were one of the finalists.

And of course the upcoming Premier Vegas Exhibition in May-June 2019. We are extremely happy to participate and looking forward to be part of the Couture Show 2019.

What drives and excites you?
We love travelling and interaction with new cultures and people. It is incredible how many things you can learn by visiting new countries and meeting new people, introducing you with their culture, traditions and passions. It is always exciting for us to travel for work, when we are very busy but every second of it brings us joy and happiness.

Our favourite places to travel:
Capri, Italy – beautiful Italian island, which was our first ever stockist. NeverNoT is selling on a main piazza in Capri every summer season.

Sardinia, Italy – I have a summer house there and spend most of my summer time in Sardinia with my family and friends.

New York – One of the most favourite places in the world. The city gives us incredible energy and energises us with its speed, happiness and rhythm.

Georgia – Our hometown with its warm friendly hospitality and childhood memories.

Mykonos, Greece – Party time starts in Mykonos, where we meet with friends and mix work with pleasure. We will be selling in Nammos Village from May 2019.


Describe a typical day at work.
We live in different countries but we keep 24/7 contact with each other. Even though we are very busy at work, we always have so much joy and fun discussing our future plans.

As each of us is responsible for different aspects of work— creative, business development, production—we are very passionate when sharing our ideas with each other. Our favourite time is meeting all together in our hometown, Georgia, Tbilisi and having a productive catch up with each other over a nice glass of Georgian red wine. Every day at work is a happy day for us!