Olivia Palermo: On The Rocks at Barneys

Olivia Palermo is a definitive style setter for the ages. Before it was considered a full-time career path, she understood how to leverage her polished sense of style and point of view into a personal brand.

With a penchant for jewelry and accessories, Olivia is a fitting partner to debut The Stone Set’s “On The Rocks at Barneys” series with Barneys. Her poised style reflects her ability to mix feminine details with tailored menswear staples, all with a sense of intelligence and street savvy.

Over an Aperol Spritz at Freds, we met up with Olivia at Barneys Downtown for a conversation about her love of jewelry and fashion and exciting plans to grow her company. -Jenna Wise for The Stone Set and Barneys New York

You have a beautiful sense of style. How do you approach it?
Of course I think with anything, your eye evolves as you get older: you find things at a young age that don’t work as you get older. I always find that jewelry is a great way to set the tone of what the message is you want to say. Of course the same can be said for beauty as well but fashion and style overall are really about your own reflection and being the best version of yourself.

What are you wearing?
I’m wearing a little tutu dress by Brunello Cucinelli. I added a tuxedo top and Celine patent brogues for a touch of feminine masculinity.


What is your favorite piece of jewelry?
A piece I wear everyday is a pinky ring that was my mother’s. It suits me better on my ring finger. It’s peridot and amethyst, and vintage. I love it. Here, I’m wearing bracelets by Sidney Garber, Mahnaz Collection, and Eli Halili, and a Mahnaz Collection ring.

Is there a particular metal or stone you’re drawn to?
I love colored stones. I think that’s why I’m so drawn to big impactful jewelry designers like Verdura, for example. They were the originator of mixing colored stones. I love incredible estate jewelry. You can have them as an investment piece and wear throughout your life.

What catches your eye most?
My eye is drawn towards unique, interesting combinations. I think style is about mixing it and making it your own. This combination we put here with a little bit of chunky and delicate is just that. Everyone has their own comfort level. I love a chunky ring. Dainty isn’t for me—I prefer a statement piece!

What do you love about Barneys?
I’m always drawn to the shoe department. You hit the jewelry floor as soon as you walk in. Then the bags. The next is shoes! I love all types of accessories. You can never have enough.


You ordered a particular Instagram-famous orange drink at Freds…
I love an Aperol Spritz. It’s a great summer drink. It’s become very commercial in America recently. It’s definitely more popular in Europe, but it’s nice that the trend has caught on here. The Aperol marketing team has done well!

Looking ahead this year, what’s in store?
My fall is looking busy but bright! Fashion Month is in full-swing and we are looking forward to some big new changes for OliviaPalermo.com coming up for early 2019. That’s our focus right now.

What’s your favorite part of what you’re building and your vision for your brand?
While there is only so much I can share at this point about my vision for the brand, I love being able to inspire and empower a cultivated community of like-minded individuals to be the best version of themselves.

Finish the sentence: Diamonds are a ________.
Diamonds are a…sparkling touch to every look.

Photography by Mark Iantosca for The Stone Set

This story is in partnership with Barneys New York.