Penny and Lucy


We’re fortunate to see inside the incredible private jewelry boxes of avid Collectors all over the world. We began to notice that often, a true jewelry lover’s love of bijoux goes beyond self-adornment. It influences home design, other accessories, and even pets. We encountered Penny the Chorkie and Lucy the Chihuahua and their studded leather collars and Swarovski crystal estate jewelry, and knew that their collection had to be dynamite. To bring The Stone Set readers some holiday cheer, see how the pint-sized pups live a life of glamour and sparkle.

Our love of jewelry began when we were puppies. Ruff ruff! We’re fortunate to live in Manhattan, so we’ve spent our lives curating a jewelry collection to set us apart from the rest of the well-pedigreed pack. Our first stop is always at Fred Leighton. The diamonds there are simply divine and forever.


Ultra glam collars set our hearts aflutter! We have beautiful ones from Balenciaga, and our Hermes collars also make us feel so special. Our daddy bought them for us on a glamorous trip away from home. We also adore tiaras! Every year for the holidays we host a ‘Bark Ball’ for all of our friends to celebrate the season and tiaras are always a must for that occasion. They bring any look to the next level and let us indulge our princess fantasies.


No occasion is too small to get decked out in diamonds. We dress our best for our daily trips to Central Park. There’s lots of competition, especially in that part of town, so we have to sparkle and look smashing! For the holiday season, jingling on walks is essential. It really adds that certain je ne sais quoi. We add charms to our collars to reflect our personalities and act as conversation starters with other pets. Another styling tip for the holiday season: festive sweaters make a great canvas for statement jewelry. To maximize attention at the dog park, we layer it on.


We simply adore diamonds, but to best fit our canine lifestyle, we embrace costume jewelry. Once, a rose-cut diamond anklet fell out of our Chewy Vuitton bag and we lost it. It was devastating and really provided a wake-up call that we needed to be more responsible with our jewelry. Now, we scour 1st Dibs and estate sales for eye-catching Swarovski crystal collars and anklets.


Proper grooming is essential. To make our paws pop, we wear bright pawlish on our nails. Pink and red are the best colors to accentuate our jewels. We have small delicate hands, but it’s that little finishing touch that brings the whole look together. We also coordinate jewels with our purses, like our Chewy Vuitton and Chewnel. When we go out our stylish accessories always garner attention, especially after dark when we like to pull out all the stops. Pop a bottle of Dog Perignon and the night is ours!


We get caught going into our owner’s jewelry boxes all the time. We’re trying to build our own collections (a jewelry lover’s work is never finished) but we know it takes years of dedication and patience. What can we say? We want it all! -Penny & Lucy

Photograbphy by Soraya Zaman.