Reshma Patel, Quiet Storms: On the Rocks

When we discovered the new jewelry store Quiet Storms, it felt like fate. Stylishly perched in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the store carries a magic mix of many of The Stone Set’s favorite fine and fashion jewelry lines, such as Kathleen WhitakerHirotaka, and Azlee. Quiet Storms is the brainchild of PR veteran Reshma Patel and already has an avid following for its streamlined and imaginative curation.

The store’s interior is thoroughly modern with delicate touches of romance; an ideal setting in which to try on the industry’s most exciting new pieces, such as Jane D’Arensbourg’s glass rings and Lara Melchior’s sculptural pendants.

On a recent afternoon we met Rehsma and toasted to Quiet Storms’ shining future. As we sipped, we became wholly inspired by her journey to owning a jewelry store and being a patron of emerging talent. -Jenna Fain for The Stone Set

The Look
I’m wearing a La Garçonne Moderne silk slip dress, Marsèll leather shoes (I love their minimal, feminine take on masculine silhouettes), vintage YSL crop jacket (purchased a few blocks from Quiet Storms at Narnia Vintage), Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm (my favorite hand cream once the weather cools), and Spectrum coconut oil for elbows and knees and feet (a discovery through my daughter as a prevention for diaper rash!).

The Drink
On the day of the shoot, I was drinking sparkling rosé with fresh berries. It’s a drink and a desert, and it’s ideal for late afternoon/early evening cocktails with girlfriends or daughters (substitute seltzer with rosé!).


I knew from the onset that I wanted to create a warm and welcoming space that would both compliment our collections and at the same time melt away, so that clients could focus entirely on the jewelry. I worked with an incredibly talented team of architects and designers, headed by Brooklyn-based architect, Elizabeth Roberts. It’s been wonderful to work with a team who right from the start understood our desire to create a unique retail environment which felt quieter and calmer from the noise right outside our door.


I was inspired by my own experiences as a child accompanying my mother to jewelers in New York and India, who would invite us to sit and offer us tea, while she took her time looking for just the right piece. We’ve tried to replicate that experience and always invite our clients to sit down and try pieces on so that they can really consider their purchase. We serve sparkling wine and rosé on the weekends as well, because shopping should be a fun and memorable event, especially when you’re buying such gorgeous pieces of art!


The Jewelry
Pieces I’m wearing: Lara Melchior Sautoir I necklace, Gabriela Artigas single solitaire necklace, Shihara 18K gold and pavé band, Jane D’Arensbourg glass triangle ring, Jemma Wynne 18k pinky signet, Azlee white light 18K gold and diamond rings. Other designers we love and support: Sophie Bille Brahe, Charlotte Chesnais, Sorelle, Lia Di Gregorio, Kathleen Whitaker, Winden, Hirotaka, Sylvain Le Hen, Saskia Diaz, Maria Black, and Maria Tash. We love them all for the artful designs and their unique points of view! It’s been so wonderful to work with this talented and international group of modern jewelry designers.


There are four paths that brought me to Quiet Storms. I’m Indian so jewelry has been a part of my life since I came into this world. I still have earrings marking the occasion of my birth and my parents had my ears pierced when I was four months old. This is common in our culture as jewelry is very closely connected with a women’s identity. After you get married, tradition tells you to wear at least one bangle on each wrist. My grandmother would scold me for keeping one wrist bare!


My culture is one path that lead me to Quiet Storms, and my daughter is another. One evening, I as I was getting dressed for a night out, I found her going through my jewelry, trying pieces on and getting all tangled up in chains and beads. It brought me back to my own experience as a child, sitting on my mother’s bed where she had laid out her jewelry. I would try them on, like my daughter, and my mother and father would always say, “When you’re older, this jewelry will be yours.” Jewelry connects us as women and lasts through generations. Fine jewelry has inherent value and is passed down and worn in ways that very few other items in fashion are. It’s a purchase that you enjoy through a lifetime, unlike so many of the items I had purchased in my twenties. As I approach 40, I’m drawn to objects, items and works of art that feel essential, rather than ornamental.


My enthusiasm and admiration for the designers we work with is the third inspiration. After the initial idea of creating an environment dedicated to modern jewelry, I spent months reading, researching and meeting with designers that I was drawn to for their unique perspective, their artful approach and beautiful execution. The majority of our designers are women, which I love! You can feel the female perspective come through when you put on any one of their pieces. It’s thrilling to see women carving out meaningful space in a field that was till recently dominated by men.


The fourth inspiration for Quiet Storms is Brooklyn. Our boutique is located in Williamsburg and our web shop is also run from here. I’ve lived in this neighborhood since ’99, spent my twenties and thirties working, getting married, raising my daughter, building a home and now a business all within a thirty-block radius! The spirit of Williamsburg and Brooklyn (slightly outsider, artistically minded/motivated, engaged and driven by curiosity) is at the heart of Quiet Storms. Through my PR agency, I had the opportunity to work with so many talented and creative people. I spent fifteen years helping them articulate and build their brands. Now I am focused on building my own, with Quiet Storms.

Photography by Emerald Carroll for The Stone Set