Me&Ro: Robin’s Favorites

As the CEO and designer of Me&Ro, Robin Renzi has created an abundance of jewelry over the past twenty years. We love Me&Ro jewelry for its movable materials and global sentiment. Each piece has its own personal history and a feeling of significance. Robin recently shared insights and stories of her journey as one of the first successful female fine jewelry designers with us, and below, she selects some of her all-time favorites, which can be worn on any occasion. Ladies (and gentlemen) take note: any of these beautiful pieces would be a special holiday gift.

1. Me&Ro 18K Gold Dream Catcher Earrings with Black Diamonds
“These earrings were meant to conjure up the image and symbolism of the Native American dreamcatcher, which is said to protect from evil and give good dreams.”

2. Me&Ro Limited Edition 18K Gold Fossilized Mammoth Ivory Paisley Amulet
“I love paisley, I always have. The first piece of jewelry I made in 18k was in ivory. This vintage ivory was hand carved from 10,000 to 40,000 year-old extinct fossilized Mammoth or Mastodon Ivory then hand drawn with india ink. I think it very naturally combines the old and new.”

3. Me&Ro 18K Gold Medium Slinky Tube Bracelet in Black Diamond
“This evolved from the handwoven diamond bead bracelets on cord. Cord is not for everyone so I reinvented the bracelet on gold chain. All of the Slinky Diamond pieces are hand done; no castings, hours of intensive labor.”

4. Me&Ro Wide Woven Black Diamond Bracelet
“I designed this bracelet because I love diamond beads, and I love to wear them casually. They are very sparkly and can be worn all day and all night.”

5. Me&Ro One-of-a-Kind 18K Gold Full Circle Multi Colored Opaque Diamond Briolette Chain (58.29 cts)
“I love imperfect non diamond-y diamonds. These earthy colorful natural diamonds create a beautiful sparkle around the neck.”

6. Me&Ro 18K Gold Double Drop Opaque Diamond Earrings (22.72 cts)
“The color of these natural diamonds complement each other incredibly. It is rare to have such beautiful clear color and doubly rare to have two of them match to make these spectacular earrings.”

7. Me&Ro One-of-a-Kind 18K Gold Lava Lamp Ivory Earrings with Black Diamonds
“These were inspired by a lava lamp. The way the black diamonds are placed mimic the way bubbles come up intermittently in a lava lamp.”

8. Me&Ro 18K Gold Flower Capped Vintage Ebony Bead Chain on Cord
“I traveled throughout India looking for prayer beads to wear. I went to many temples, and I loved the beads you can purchase there, but I wanted to make my own. This vintage black ebony is to die for—the color is the best black.”

9. Me&Ro One-of-a-Kind Knotted Oval Opaque Diamonds on Chain (34.86 cts)
“I love these beads. The subtlety of the color and how they vary from mauve to soft greens and browns and yellow is nothing short of amazing. They are a gift of mother nature.”

10. Me&Ro 18K Gold Grey Diamond Dream Catcher Fringe Necklace
“I love fringe. I love it on my vintage Azzedine Alaïa blue suede fringe skirt and I love it with diamonds and feathers, like this necklace.”

11. Me&Ro Pendant blessed by the Dalai Lama
“This is the first charity pendant by Me&Ro. It is the mantra of the Tibetan people: “Om mani padme hung,” which means “Hail to the jewel of the lotus, the jewel being the self within.” We made this for the Tibet Fund in 1999. At the event for his Holiness, the Dalai Lama, we were trying to give this pendant in 22kt to him as a gift. He kept giving it back to us and finally Goldie Hawn, who was sitting next to him, said, “He blessed it, it’s yours.” It is now framed in my office.” -Robin Renzi of Me&Ro

Read about Robin Renzi’s journey as a jewelry designer at Me&Ro.

Photography by The Stone Set.