Shiva Rose


Shiva Rose’s website The Local Rose celebrates the holistic life. She’s an expert on so many topics women should be knowledgeable about and truly embodies the wellness and spiritual topics she shares on her blog. A bonus: she has incredible personal style. Her followers trust her for her insights into the world of fashion and jewelry. If you’re new to The Local Rose, we recommend checking out Shiva’s features on Ghost Dancer, All for the Mountain, and Gem Remedy bracelets. With a look that’s decidedly bohemian and a vintage collection built since she was a teenager, Shiva invited us into her serene home in the Pacific Palisades to capture her love of antiques, amulets, and gemstones.

My jewelry usually tells a story and I love both vintage pieces and new ones. A Bedouin silver bib necklace with a simple t-shirt and jeans can be an incredible style accent. My personal style changes from time to time. Mostly it is vintage with classic elements. I love to wear a vintage dress with a chic new shoe and bag. Or a simple outfit of black jeans and blouse but with incredible jewelry to spice it up.


I usually keep the same pieces of jewelry on for a few weeks. That is, unless I’m going to an event or have a whole outfit style situation that needs something specific. My everyday pieces that I don’t take off for weeks or months are a moonstone ring made by Jessica Ranek, a few gold bands on my fingers, an evil eye rose gold bracelet by Lena Wald to ward off negative energy, my Loquet London locket necklace with three charms in it (a star to represent my daughter Colette, a moon to represent my daughter Charlotte, and a ruby charm to represent love). I have added two new pieces to my repertoire lately: a little rattlesnake fang worn around my neck with a cord to give me some snake medicine, which is rebirth, fertility, creativeness, regeneration, from Roseark. I also just started wearing a rose gold heart lock on a rose gold chain bracelet and some incredible earrings made from horns by Jacquie Aiche. If not the horn earrings, then some crystal stud earrings.


I cherish a dangling charm ring of Mother Mary that a friend of my family gave me when I was a child for protection. I also have some earrings and necklace made from sunrise shells which are so rare and beautiful from the island of Kauai, Hawaii. They were given to me by an ex but represent the beauty of the island and the sun always rising. I have a ring with a rose on it from my now deceased grandmother Rose Marie. She taught me about wildflowers and was always a steady force in my life. A few Victorian and Georgian pieces too since I gravitate to those times when jewelry had an air of mystery. I also have a round wooden charm from the Ringing Cedars in Siberia. These trees are magic and actually sing. Wearing it is supposed to bring protection and enhance intuition.


I love Kathy Rose’s designs because she always ties her beautiful pieces in with medicine from nature and the wild. I love Daniela Villegas designs for the choice in colors and exquisite detailed work. Irene Neuwirth for her opulent, gorgeous, elegant stones and work. Jacquie Aiche for her pieces that can be worn every day but are so unique. Lena Wald for her simplicity. Can you tell I love jewelry?

For everyday, I wear mostly rose gold. I do break out the Vintage Indian or Native American silver from time to time. I also love moonstones for their otherworldly and transcendent colors, rubies for their fire, and opals for their hypnotic allure. While practicing Kundalini yoga I wear lots of white since white expands your aura by 100 times. When I wear all white, I will wear pearls or moonstones.


I would love to travel to India in search of wonderful Indian gold pieces. Also Oaxaca to discover vintage gold and pearl pieces that are from that area. A friend got some gorgeous antique earrings from Turkey so that may be on the list too. How exciting to go traveling into a bazaar in search of vintage treasures!

My love of the sea makes collecting seashells a joy. Shells are so extraordinary—so amazing to think they are formed by nature. I also love how jewelry can tell a story and amulets and lockets are perfect for that.” -Shiva Rose of The Local Rose

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Photography by The Stone Set.