Founded by sisters Kim and Nicole Carosella in 2011, Sorellina is a fine jewelry house with wearable, everyday statement pieces. Sorellina’s sensibility favors a nod to vintage elements, particularly the Victorian era. The Carosella sisters have quickly attracted a following that appreciates their eye for refined glamour and commitment to sustainable practices, including upcycling found materials, using vintage diamonds, and maintaining production in the United States. Become acquainted with the duo whose line has quickly flourished since the release of its first collection–created from melting down pieces from the 80s. -The Stone Set

We come from an entrepreneurial family and always wanted to start our own company. After getting a Fine Arts degree at USC, Nicole wanted to continue studying art and very arbitrarily chose to take a jewelry fabrication class. Once she shared the pieces she was making, we knew this would become the business we would inevitably start together.


There is a modern twist to all Sorellina pieces even though they are grounded in a vintage style, which is something you don’t see much of in the fine jewelry world. Also, because Nicole is an artist in a range of disciplines from photography to sculpture to painting, she pulls from all of her backgrounds when designing a piece. Each piece, in turn, has a hand sculptured feel to it, is made of a mix of metals and includes small intricacies whether it’s an interesting gallery or a hidden stone or butterfly. Additionally, we are exclusively produced in the US. We strongly believe in American craftsmanship and are proud of the level of quality that is produced. The fact is, most jewelry companies send their manufacturing overseas.

Starting a fine jewelry line is expensive. We knew we had some great ideas but didn’t have much money to put into the company to allow us to begin. Our mother was kind enough to give us her old, outdated (otherwise known as ugly) pieces. We took those, melted them down, pulled out the stones and created our first few pieces.


Queen Victoria was an incredible woman. She was the longest reigning monarch, a trendsetter and had a beautiful love story. Even before Nicole knew a lot about her, she was always attracted to Victorian jewelry, particularly the early period. The jewelry is filled with romantic symbols like snakes and flowers inspired by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s love. And Kim is a romantic. Prince Albert actually presented Queen Victoria with a snake ring as her engagement ring.

We compliment each other very well. Though we are different in many ways (Kim likes spreadsheets and Nicole likes to gild picture frames), the many overlapping skills and qualities that we share strengthen Sorellina. Nicole is always a part of the business decisions as Kim is a part of design decisions and brand direction. We think it is a bit extreme to say that we are the yin and yang, but while we are similar, we definitely have opposing skill sets.

After living in Venice, California for a year, Kim was itching to get back to New York but didn’t want to completely lose that laid-back California vibe. Brooklyn was the perfect compromise of the New York mentality but in a more relaxed setting. When we discussed Kim’s plans to move to Williamsburg, Nicole didn’t hesitate on making the move too. Now, we live in the same building. We can’t imagine living anywhere else. There is always something great going on here from concerts to gallery exhibits.


We try and make each piece have a vintage yet modern feel. We sketch all the time and have a million ideas but not all of them are representative of Sorellina. Some are turned into one-of-a-kind pieces for private customers or are just pretty sketches that we save for a later time. Kim wears the Victoria Diamond Serpente Necklace and the Otto Hinge Bracelet almost every day. Nicole wears a ton of rings and a Gold Victoria Serpente Pendant, and usually has a ring on almost every finger. Depending on mood, Nicole changes which rings and how many are stacked on, but you can always find a Victoria Serpente Ring and Otto Stack Ring.

We are adding new pieces to the collection that we will be debuting at Couture this year. Hopefully, these new pieces will be instrumental in broadening our retailer base and making Sorellina more accessible to be people all over the country.” -Kim and Nicole Carosella of Sorellina

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Photography by Stefania Yarhi.