The Last Line: Rising Rockstars

The Last Line is taking over our jewelry boxes, Instagram feed, friends’ ears, you name it. Founded by Shelley Gibbs Sanders and her husband Teddy Sanders, the new LA-based fine jewelry brand is direct-to-consumer without middle-man price markups. Pieces in 14k gold with diamonds and precious stones are released in exciting “drops,” with limited runs and product themes. The Last Line’s imaginative designs and colorful, cheeky styling is quickly earning devotees ranging from career women to college students to Hollywood and beyond—Nicole Richie, Rachel Zoe, Jen Atkin, and Cameron Diaz are fans.

Shelley is no newcomer to the jewelry business: she has designed for leading brands and celebrities for nearly 20 years. Her inspiration was born from pieces she could only conjure in her mind, and frustration that there wasn’t an accessible yet luxurious one-stop shop for fine jewels. The Last Line aims to be the first and last place you shop for classic everyday staples as well as special, heirloom quality pieces à la estate sales.

The Last Line offers premium services such as try-before-you-buy and concierge selection and styling. Customers email the company and whether it’s a single gold stud or loading up a unique “ear game,” the founders deliver an upper-crust shopping experience. Fresh off a successful launch, Shelley gave us a full download on the collection and where it’s headed. If you ask us what we want, our answer is simple: everything. -Jenna Fain for The Stone Set

How did your life lead you to launch your jewelry line?
I have been designing this collection for pretty much my whole life. In every job I had over the years, I was always thinking if this was my line, how would I do this, what would I change. When we decided to officially launch The Last Line, it was almost three years ago. I have been designing jewelry for almost fifteen years and felt like I had seen it all, but really when I started to look there were definite holes in the market. It felt a bit polarizing. There were two buckets: Reasonably priced, not-so-great design or amazing design and quality, outrageous price with nothing in the middle. 


What’s your brand philosophy and who do you see as your muse?
The core of the brand is quality. I want to create pieces that can be worn but not worried about. The inspiration behind the name of The Last Line is it is the last place you’ll have need to look for fine jewelry and trust me, I plan to live up to our name. The brand is two-fold: The Heart and The Soul and everything is designed in Los Angeles. The Heart pieces are the core of the brand and your jewelry box; they’re the staples that you never want to take off and that make you feel instantly put together. The Soul pieces are the jaw-dropping, make your girlfriends ask “Where did you get that?” and are expertly crafted, special pieces you want to treat yourself to. I of course, believe you need both!


What are your trademark pieces? What pieces do you personally wear every day?
The Last Line was created with the mentality of giving consumers what they actually want, maybe before they even know they want it. Jewelry is personal. I wanted to present options. In each drop, you will have classics with a twist and then some really fun pieces. In the first drop, we have everything from a perfect gold Sphere Stud (in 7 sizes!) to our signature Flower Earring in a variety of stones. 

I could never chose one or two pieces for the day—typically I am wearing the Safety Pin (either all gold or diamond depending on mood), gold Sphere Studs, Teddy Flower Earring, one Dew Drops Earring, and Diamond Ear Cuff.


What sets you apart from other jewelry designers?
My background. I’ve had the rare opportunity of being on both the design and production sides of the process, which is so helpful. And, in the end I am ultimately a consumer so basically it is the trifecta of intel.

What drives and excites you?

Designing. And I love jewelry, truly. I love design of all types and I love to create. I can’t stop—it is an obsession. I also have three children and a husband who are lovely and bring LOTS of excitement to my days.