The New Order: Layered Necklaces

Our ultimate summer style icon is undoubtedly Jane Birkin in her trademark gold layered necklaces. A quick Google image search reveals she was never without them. Nothing screams summertime like salty hair, a perfect bronze, and tangled chains. Jewelry steps up an outfit even if you’re just wearing a bikini. Whether you’re running around the city or lounging on a beach somewhere exotic, it’s the season to layer on chains with character. –Shana Davis for The Stone Set


Over the past couple of years, emerging talent has brought a more youthful, playful feel to traditional pieces such as charm necklaces and pearls. Even the braided black choker you wore as a teenager made a reappearance (you know what I’m talking about!). The cool updated version by Nadine Ghosn makes us feel like the cat emoji with the hearts in its eyes—talk about swoon.


Foundrae is a designer on our radar, with its fresh take on your mother’s vintage stackable chain necklaces. The Medallion necklaces are perfect for the beach. Mix the different colored enamel with a thick gold chain for a layering aspect or just singular for a more simple neck party.


CVC Stones is another designer with vacation-ready pieces. Pearls, stones, and diamonds are the classic staple of neckwear, and together they make the essential wear-to-the-beach necklace. They come in neutral colors with diamonds inserted in the stones. Try the CVC Stones Serpent or Tree of Life necklaces. We promise you will wear yours beachside to the boardroom alike. Choose your preference long to short, or they also have stunning choker options.


If you consider yourself a thoughtful minimalist, you have probably heard of Lizzie Mandler. Everyone from Kate Hudson to Rihanna has worn her jewelry. You may be thinking to yourself, “Rihanna isn’t very minimalist,” but isn’t jewelry all about how you make it your own? Mandler’s Kite necklace, which comes in both white and black diamonds, are so effortless and easy to layer. She also produces crescent-shaped necklaces if you are looking for something that makes a statement on its own. If I was to describe her necklaces, they are the kind you forget you have on because they go with everything.

  • Jerry

    Nice post and good point.
    Can’t agree more that jewelry is about make it your own.
    I am always looking for jewelry that not only beautiful but also show my personality.
    These days I am considering to get myself a personalized necklaces.