Virginie Muys

Before a recent trip to Paris, our friend Annelise Michelson spoke of Paris-based Virginie Muys’ commitment to crystals and bangles. Since stones are the way to our heart—we had to meet her! Virginie is incredibly well-rounded in her career and approach to creation: she pivoted from a traditional background in public relations and events to become an artistic entrepreneur in music and luxury fashion. While creating clothing line Piece d’Anarchive with two partners, Virginie learned what it takes to drive brand synergy, values, and image. Today, this busy Parisian balances her time between developing sound concepts around fashion for “The Sound of the Season” and running Disciplines, her multi-service agency that services retail brands. We spent an afternoon with Virginie in her eclectic apartment near Place de la République chatting about her diverse career, intrigue of opposites, and affinity for crystals and their many powers. -Jenna Fain for The Stone Set

“I was always attracted by the extreme end of things, by worlds that are in true opposition. I like to create scenographies and atmospheres in a visual way but also through international musicians and DJing. I work on the development of a concept created by Sarah Joe and André Cymbalista: “The Sound of the Season.” It was an album compiling all the best songs used during fashion shows. In between each track, we placed some excerpts of sound recordings of fashion shows, entrances, or backstage bits. The idea is to give a musical colour to each season.


Less than a year ago, I built my own company. Disciplines is a one-stop agency providing brand development, press/public relations, marketing, event planning, scenography, creative direction, web design, branding, and sound design for fashion companies. We are three people with three experiences and a network of the most efficient and talented specialists. I really believe in the power of mixing people to reach the perfect result.

I have always loved jewelry but my whole collection was stolen at my apartment a long time ago so I never want to be too attached anymore. My collection was made up of a lot of pieces from my mother and I knew that I would never find them again. Then step by step, I received jewelry from friends for special events, and all my pieces were linked with memories of someone special. That’s the way I started to be more and more into it again. Jewelry needs to have meaning to me. I’m not looking for jewelry, but sometimes, I just fall in love with pieces. Most of the time, I buy jewelry when I want to remember something.


My crystals collection is really special. I discovered stones randomly and I was totally attracted to them. I started to read books and realized all the magnetism that crystals could bring to you. On many levels, they can protect you, protect your place, and cure you. I want them all as they are crazy beautiful and crazy powerful. I really believe in magnetism as it’s something physical, not only spiritual. The stone brings you tips, they carry magnetism, and this magnetism could react on you, and I love to believe that way. When my jewelry doesn’t have stones, you can be sure that I have stones in my pocket.

I love Céline bangles. They are always perfect. I love Charlotte Martyr who uses some sculpture codes. It reminds me of my memories of the south of France. My gold bangle with the face brings me back to Jean Marais or Giacometti sculptures. I also love Julien David earrings, they are so delicate and small, and I used to love very small and thin pieces.


For rings, I have very delicate and thin pieces but I love to mix them with Annelise Michelson rings that you can wear on the end of your fingers. Nowadays I’m also very into the brands that use stones and channel their powers. My favorites are Kira Lillie, Regina Dabdab, and Céline d’Aoust. They are all in my personal collection and built their collections while taking care of the power the stones.

I wear a lot of pieces every day. My tiny gold chain with delicate words written in gold, “love” and “hate.” My gold sun I got recently from Céline d’Aoust. All my very small rings, little chains, and simple ones like wedding rings but really, really thin. My Cartier Tank watch. A leather pocket with a quart inside from Kira Lillie that I wear on my skin under my clothes.


I wear larger pieces with my different outfits—most of them are bangles. I have Céline bangles with a big Malachite stone and geometric shapes, a Charlotte Martyr bangle with a sculptural face, and two silver bangles I brought from Tokyo with the Japanese Kama Sutra engraved in them. I also love a big silver ring from my mother in the 60s and another silver ring with many stones you can change day by day. This one comes from my mother back in the 60s—I guess she was attracted to stones too.

Recently, I discovered the Charlotte Chesnais collection. That is definitely on my wish list.” -Virginie Muys