Walters Faith: Rising Rockstars

NYC-based fine jewelry brand Walters Faith caught our eye through their “I AM” campaign, which celebrated jewelry’s ability to transcend generations of women from 20s to 60s.

Founded in 2013 by designer Mollie Good and her business partner Stephanie Abramow, Walters Faith is a perfect fusion of modern, geometric forms with exquisite details. The duo is well-equipped to make their mark in women’s wardrobes: Good was formerly at Kwiat and Fred Leighton while Abramow is a Graduate Gemologist with a business degree.

Walters Faith jewelry, especially the fluted rings that resemble glitzy cigar bands, is both bold and fine in design and style. With inspiration ranging from the symmetrical lines of modern art, New York City architecture, and Art Deco glamour, Good and Abramow have created a collection that’s poised for everyday wear and to withstand time. -Jenna Fain for The Stone Set

How did your life lead you to launch your jewelry line?
Mollie Good: I have always loved to design and create, ever since I was a young girl and took Sunday Art Classes at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. As a student at the University of Michigan, I knew I wanted to become a jewelry designer; I focused on metalsmithing courses and worked for Nina at Fred Segal where I started to dabble in creating one-of-a-kind jewels. After graduation, I went on to the GIA to study diamonds and colored stones. I was fortunate enough to land my first job out of college at Fred Leighton. Working for the Leighton Family was the most scholastic experience of all and solidified my desire to design and one day have my own collection.

Sketchbook Series

What’s your brand philosophy and who do you see as your muse?
MG: The philosophy for Walters Faith from day one has always been: Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication. – Leonardo Da Vinci. As for a muse, we can’t commit to just one! We have a mood board filled with images of Beautiful Women who exude Timeless Elegance from Grace Kelly to Diane Lane. Walters Faith is a collection for modern women of all ages. We recently launched our I AM campaign, which we created to bring our brand DNA to life which is that Walters Faith is classically inspired, yet effortlessly modern. We photographed five women in their 20s-60s who showcase that Walters Faith resonates with many women and transcends many age groups.


What are your trademark pieces? What pieces do you personally wear every day?
MG: Our signature motif is a modified hexagon. This feature was formed from tracing the outer contour of our Walters Faith “WF” logo. We like to incorporate this motif in most of our pieces for brand identity and consistency. Most recently however, people have been gravitating to and recognizing us for our Clive Collection which is a fluted textured that we often make with two tone colors juxtaposed to one another. Personally, we both usually wear one of the Clive Fluted Rings most days. And we find we never take off the Medium Signature Diamond Hexagon Stud Earrings.


What sets you apart from other jewelry designers?
MG: I think Stephanie and I really try to approach the WF collection with a distinctive point of view while still trying to create wearable and understandable pieces. We are about clean lines, and are heavily influenced by Art Deco design. While often times we may gravitate to a style that is outside those boundaries, we try and reign ourselves in and stay true to Walters Faith.  We know we cannot be everything, so we try and keep the aesthetic consistent.


Stephanie Abramow: I think our partnership is unique in that it is a true partnership. As Mollie likes to say, she handles designs, and I handle all the non-fun stuff, i.e. everything else! However, we both value one another’s opinions and points of view and we have a very similar aesthetic which helps keep everything true to who we are. We are a small team and love that we can be hands on with our clients, retailers, and really learn what our customer is looking for and how can we give them a wonderful experience and the upmost customer service.

WF Stories Headshots

What drives and excites you?
SA: I am driven each day to continue the growth of Walters Faith. From day one, we built this brand slow and steady, and it’s a very exciting time right now for myself and Mollie seeing our vision really come to life. We love knowing that people are following us and visiting our website because they resonate with the classic, yet modern aesthetic we are putting forward. We both felt there was a void in the marketplace for accessible, wearable, yet timeless fine jewelry and it’s so rewarding seeing that clients felt that void and now can turn to Walters Faith to fill it.