Winter Escape with Jill Platner

It’s the thick of winter in New York with record-setting freezing temperatures and right now, our dreams are full of blue skies and warm water. Luckily enough, we recently had the opportunity to escape to the West coast of Mexico where strolls on the beach, dips in the ocean, and tequila tastings were the order of the day.

When it comes to choosing jewelry for a tropical voyage, for us it’s all about silver, which glistens in the sun and can easily transition from a day on the beach to dinner overlooking the water. And for a trip like this, our first thought was Jill Platner’s elegant, nature inspired designs. A New York-based sculptor and fine jeweler, Platner is also an avid surfer whose designs are crafted to withstand all elements—perfect for a beach escape. Her work has an organic and multi-dimensional appeal: each piece is wearable art. We seized the opportunity to unite Platner’s jewelry with the Mexican landscape, showcasing some of her most iconic silver pieces to inspire you through the rest of winter. Prepare to daydream… -Jenna Fain for The Stone Set

“Mexico is an endless source of inspiration. The colors, the energy, the sights and smells…it’s magical and vibrant. The ocean never ceases to inspire. The waves, the sand, the stones and shells, even the imprint of the water on the shoreline. For me, the beach is an escape and invigorating. Each of the jewels can be worn in the ocean, they’re surf-proof! They have their own unique energy and mold to your body. I love a sexy long necklace with a bikini or even a cuff. Why not?


Form and movement is very important to my work and informs the way I design. The way the pieces lay and feel is as essential as how they look. All of these pieces are high performance; you can wear them in the ocean or a night on the town. They’re strong and durable and have a great longevity. The pieces represented show my work throughout the years, from my original designs featuring hand crocheted Tenara to my recent designs featuring hinge work and more advanced mechanics.” –Jill Platner


Hallelujah necklace $20,000


Crescent bracelet $3,300 & Eelskin necklace $19,000


Sunfish cuff $3,900


Buttercup collar $1,800 & Sunrise necklace $11,000


Billie cuff $8,200


Seafan bracelet $3,200 & Mermaid collar $11,000

Photography by Emerald Carroll for The Stone Set