Claw Prongs vs. Round Prongs

Claw Prongs vs. Round Prongs

Vibrant gemstones need a secure setting to truly sparkle, and prongs are the perfect solution. With their varied shapes and sizes, these trusty staple pieces can both keep your precious stones in place while elevating its allure. Two common forms of prong settings are claw prongs and round prongs – but what’s the difference? We breakdown the unique characteristics of each style to help you find the best option for your jewelry design.

Claw Prongs vs Round Prongs: Overview

Claw Prongs

Claw prongs in jewelry create a unique and visually stunning look, allowing light to flood the gemstones or diamonds from multiple angles. These prongs securely cradle the stone, unlocking an amplified brilliance unlike any other setting.

Claw prongs embody minimalistic elegance, setting the diamond with a simple yet sophisticated arrangement of four claws. This timeless style works with various gemstone cuts, including radiant, oval, round, and emerald—making it an ideal choice for all shapes and styles.


  • Enhanced brilliance: The open design of claw prongs allows more light to enter the stone, resulting in increased brilliance and sparkle.
  • Exquisite appearance: Claw prongs create a delicate and elegant look, allowing the stone to take center stage.
  • Easy cleaning: The open design of claw prongs makes it easier to clean the stone and remove any dirt or debris.


  • Potential snagging: The protruding claws of claw prongs can sometimes catch on clothing or other fabrics, leading to potential snags or damage.
  • Less protection: Compared to round prongs, claw prongs provide less protection for the stone, as they leave more of it exposed.
  • Regular maintenance: Claw prongs may require more frequent maintenance to ensure that the claws remain secure and in good condition.
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Round Prongs

Round prongs, crafted in a basket-style, are a popular choice for adorning fine jewelry with round-cut gemstones. Intricately designed to provide a secure fit and timeless elegance, these rounded claws are certain to elevate your ensemble.

Round prongs are an elegant way to showcase a gemstone. Their secure grip and classic aesthetic provide the perfect accompaniment. Their open shape allows for maximum visibility of the gemstone, highlighting its brilliance and amplifying its beauty. 


  • Enhanced Security: Round prongs provide a strong grip and minimize the risk of the gemstone becoming loose or dislodged.
  • Versatility: These prongs can be used with different gemstone shapes, making them a versatile option for various jewelry designs.
  • Timeless Style: The classic round prong design adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any piece of jewelry.


  • Reduced Visibility: Due to the prong’s rounded shape, some portions of the gemstone may be covered, reducing its visibility compared to other prong styles.
  • Increased Metal Presence: Round prongs tend to use more metal, which may overshadow the gemstone’s appearance.

Comparison between Claw Prongs and Round Prongs

When it comes to securing your diamond in a setting, choosing between claw prongs and round prongs is sure to leave you perplexed. To make the decision easier, let’s compare the distinct features of each type. Explore how claw prongs bring an edgy look while round prongs keep the diamond safe with a more traditional vibe.

Stability and Security of Stones

For maximum safety, claw prongs are a wise choice. They provide a secure hold for stones, preventing them from getting loose or falling out. Round prongs present a more traditional aesthetic, but may not be sufficiently strong to safeguard larger and precious gems.

Aesthetics and Style

If you’re looking to imbue your diamond with a modern edginess, then claw prongs are the perfect fit; they allow more light to magnify the brilliance of each stone. Alternatively, if you prefer a timeless classic look, then round prongs provide an enchanting, soft femininity. When deciding between the two, think about the security of your stones and the aesthetic you want to achieve.

Choosing the Right Prong Setting for Your Jewelry

When selecting a prong setting for your jewelry, there are important factors to consider. Think about the size and shape of the gemstone. Larger ones may require more prongs for security, while smaller ones can be held securely with fewer prongs. 

Choose between the delicate, light-catching look of claw prongs or the classic, secure look of round prongs. Finally, take into account how often you’ll wear your jewelry and the activities that could put it under stress, as larger round prongs offer added stability. With these considerations in mind, you’re sure to find the perfect prong setting to complement your jewelry and cater to your lifestyle.

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