Companies Like Modern Gents

Companies Like Modern Gents

Mike and Myran, the duo behind Modern Gents Trading Co., introduced themselves with gusto on their website. During a deep conversation in early 2017 while out with their respective partners, they came to a mutual understanding that wedding and engagement rings were too costly, the shopping process laborious, and most diamonds extracted through abhorrent mining practices. This revelation was the impetus for their momentous decision to create Modern Gents Trading Co.

About Modern Gents

The mission of Modern Gents Trading Co was to craft exquisite, artisanal rings from unconventional and ethically-sourced materials that were both stunning and accessible.

Streamlining the buying process and delivering superior customer service were essential to embodying the modern gentlemen spirit. With this vision as its core, Modern Gents Trading Co came to life and its values have been firmly rooted in the company’s culture ever since.

Is Modern Gents legit?

Yes. Modern Gents is Legit. In their endeavors, the founders of Modern Gents Trading Co strove to provide durable and exquisite rings at an attainable cost. To ensure the rings met their high standards, they fabricate them only using premium materials and devoted meticulous attention to each one’s hand-crafting process. Their undying commitment to excellence is apparent in the designs they curate, guaranteeing not just affordability, but also timelessness.

Do Modern Gents Offer a Satisfaction Guarantee?

Modern Gents Trading Co places a high priority on customer satisfaction when it comes to selecting a ring. The team works diligently to address any issues that may arise, determined to ensure that the customer is completely content.

This commitment is exemplified by their industry-leading 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, which includes a Lifetime Warranty, reflecting their commitment to providing excellent customer service and backing the quality of their products.

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 Modern Gents Alternatives

1. Moissanite

In 2005, was launched by Mike and Jera Christensen, who drew upon the family legacy of four generations in the jewelry industry. This prosperous endeavor was built upon a strong foundation as Mike’s great-grandfather opened his first store on Fremont Street in Las Vegas, NV 80 years prior. With their entrée into the world of luxurious Moissanite gems and fine jewelry, the Christensen’s quickly cemented themselves as a powerhouse global leader in this field.

The company sources all of its jewelry pieces from within the United States, working with a variety of American jewelry manufacturers. Expert artisans from states such as New York, Nevada, Washington, Ohio, and Louisana handle each stage of production – design, casting, and stone setting – with precision and care.

Their signature selection consists of just over a hundred distinct bridal rings unrivaled in quality since they are set with Moissanite gems instead of diamonds. This distinguishes them from other local high-end jewelry stores offering similar styles at premium prices.

2. Pandora

In the year 2000, Pandora began designing its cherished charms. Every charm carries great significance, sometimes inspired by its creator and further enhanced by the wearer’s personal values and appreciation.

From honoring colors, patterns, countries, special occasions or activities – to paying tribute to someone special – each charm is diligently crafted to narrate the individual story of the person it adorns, exuding their authentic flair.

Pandora’s immaculately crafted rings are a must-have accessory for any elegant ensemble. Their sublime collection of sterling silver, 14k gold-plated silver, 14k solid gold, and 14k rose gold-plated silver pieces make perfect presents for the special someone in your life.

Pandora radiates a stunning minimalist appeal with its diverse array of bands. From simple to intricate designs, customers can accessorize to their hearts’ content with an abundance of options that suit every style and budget.

3. James Allen

With a collective 60 years of experience and a previously established relationship with esteemed retailers such as Tiffany & Co., James Allen revolutionized the online fine jewelry shopping experience when established in 2006.

Consumers can rest assured knowing their order is backed by the James Allen Guarantee, encompassing multiple advantages: access to over 300,000 certified conflict-free diamonds, each photographed in 360° HD for meticulous viewing; 24/7 virtual assistance from Diamond Experts with the added benefit of Real-Time Diamond Inspections; a Lifetime Warranty provided on all purchased jewelry; free worldwide shipping and hassle-free returns accompanied by a 100% Money Back Guarantee, ensuring customer satisfaction.

4. Satéur

Having hailed from a family renowned for crafting exquisite jewelry from fossils and gemstones, Felix Francois set out to disrupt the De Beers diamond monopoly by establishing his own brand. This Canadian-based endeavor emerged in 1989 when his proposal plans met with prohibitively costly ring prices under De Beers.

The Sateur stone was soon introduced as part of its offerings – a conflict-free gem renowned for its remarkable brilliance. The eponymous name, Sateur, signifies “The Awakened One” and aptly reflects the company’s mission to make top-quality, accessible jewelry available worldwide. Currently based in Mesa, Arizona in the United States, this ambitious dream of an unheralded youth is today’s reality.

5. Brilliance

For the past thirty years, Brilliance has earned a stellar reputation as a primary provider of diamonds and engagement rings. As customers traverse the lavish selection, they can take pleasure in the honest advice and assistance that is offered throughout their shopping journey.

In contrast to James Allen,  Brilliance does not appear to have exclusive contracts and direct feed sources for diamonds. This renders a potential problem where the stones listed on their website may be unavailable for purchase.

In 2014, JCK Online reported that Brilliance had launched a new “diamond finding app” with the intent of making diamond shopping more transparent and straightforward. Unfortunately, the process fell short of these expectations; the company instead sources its inventory from generic industry feeds, allowing them to operate with lower costs but reducing their ability to guarantee a specific ship date or quickly validate the availability of individual diamonds.

6. Tinnivi

Tinnivi, a leading jewelry company rivaling the standard of the Modern Gents Trading Company, offers an array of unique and exquisitely designed pieces at highly competitive prices ideal for all audiences.

Their jewelry collections are constructed with only high-grade materials, thus garnering global acclaim for its remarkable craftsmanship. Specifically, Tinnivi’s charms, bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, and engagement rings possess a distinctive message that resonates with the wearer.

These pieces are masterfully crafted using superior-quality beads that coordinate seamlessly with their personal style. Drawing up in inspiration from true love, Tinnivi adorns each creation with this sentiment as its core theme.

The personalized rings serve to preserve some of life’s most sentimental moments. Altogether, Tinnivi’s Jewelry encompasses pure love and friendship – rendering each piece a valuable memento of ongoing affection and cherished memories.

7. Blue Steel

Blue Steel, a highly esteemed jeweler based in the US, offers an extensive range of beautiful rings designed for both males and females. Their selection features engagement and wedding rings, with a firm belief in the responsibility to create jewelry that amplifies the wearer’s allure and emotions.

According to Blue Steel, simplicity has powerful implications; even the most ordinary components can possess overwhelming weight. They hold every jewelry option they offer in high regard, ensuring that each piece holds a treasured space in its recipient’s heart.

Dedicated to producing jewelry that encourages the highest form of self-expression, Blue Steel allows loved ones to commemorate and relish their precious moments poignantly and profoundly.

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