Frank Darling Review

Frank Darling Review

Amid the swirl of uncertainty clouding the diamond industry, Frank Darling stands forth as a paragon of clarity. From misguidedly inflated costs to substandard stones, the rift between price and quality has only grown wider. Yet Frank Darling shines a much-needed light on the matter, purveying exquisite rings comprised of the finest diamonds around the globe. Their selection is ethical and conflict-free, with lab-grown diamonds adhering to stringent standards.

The design process is tailored to each individual, commencing with a questionnaire that invites exploration. Once an option is chosen, customizations can commence, producing ethically sourced diamonds and locally crafted rings that are entirely unique.

Technology plays a crucial part in their mission, serving as a guardian of traceability and responsible sourcing from countries that uphold such values. In short, from purchase to sale, Frank Darling blazes a trail for a future in which the diamond trade remains ethical and transparent.

Frank Darling Review

Frank Darling History

In the shining metropolis of New York, nestled within the sheen of its bustling streets and towering skyscrapers, Frank Darling emerged in 2017 with an ambition to revolutionize wedding jewelry.
Founders Kegan Schouwenburg and Jeff Smith envisioned a new approach—one that focused on simplicity, fashionability, and accessibility. And what began as a dream soon blossomed into reality.
The brand offers an extensive selection of premium diamonds, both natural and lab-grown, to be incorporated into custom-crafted rings. With such an awe-inspiring assortment, couples can trust that they will reap the rewards in quality and inspiration. A veritable marriage of exquisite design, personalized to perfection, and impeccable sparkle—Frank Darling has created something truly remarkable.
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Frank Darling Process

Creating the perfect engagement ring is a task that requires exquisite precision and meticulous detail. Fortunately, this brand offers the opportunity to craft customized rings just for you.

To begin your journey of curating an unforgettable token of love, embark on a voyage of self-discovery. When conceptualizing your vision, take a short survey and receive a complimentary sketch from the in-house design team in New York City.

Next, try on the different options with a complimentary kit sent directly to your home. Then pick from an extensive selection of 20,000 natural, ethically sourced diamonds—or entrust the experts to make the selection for you.

Finally, relish in the beauty of your completed masterpiece—a magical embodiment of your romance that will last a lifetime.

Frank Darling Inventory and Quality

Frank Darling may not have their own inventory of diamonds, instead leaning on the diamond district in NYC for supply. This brings up questions about the quality control and due diligence conducted in their sorting process; while some stones were of a particularly high standard, others had quite glaring defects that would doubtlessly not pass muster with more experienced experts.

What’s more, interrogations concerning diamond treatments seemed to be met with evasive responses, and requests for ASET images were not fully satisfactory considering the difficulties displayed in visualizing the gems’ features. Even efforts to view videos of the stones required a potentially extended waiting period, which is at odds with the experiences of many other jewelers.

A Google Sheet was indeed present to display the various diamond options, yet changes made to accommodate more selections resulted in some initial choices being lost; however, a system of Google Drive folders did manage to provide an orderly structure.


Frank Darling Return Policy

Per Frank Darling’s 30-day return policy, you have the prerogative to exchange the item within a month. To make it more convenient, complimentary air shipping is provided by the brand.

However, for successful return processing, the item should be in an unused state and have valid proof of purchase attached. Customized engagement rings also come under this policy, although additional conditions may apply.

Frank Darling Shipping Policy

Frank Darling offers global shipping services, according to their policy. If you’re in the US, you can opt for UPS Next-Day Air delivery to receive your jewelry swiftly.

But those outside of the US will be served via UPS Worldwide Express: In a fast 3-5 business days, your chosen items will appear at your doorstep. Plus, any order over $1000 on the official website will enjoy free shipping and insurance guaranteed. Truly the brand puts an emphasis on speed and security – ensuring you get the best possible experience.

Frank Darling Customer Service

Frank Darling’s communications varied greatly in response times, reaching from immediate to multiple days – besides weekends, of course. On encountering design obstacles stemming from the quality of the tourmaline, support elucidated matters through CAD images, although regrettably said clarification was delivered after several missed deadlines, pointing out a necessity for earlier detection.

One minor issue noticed was customer support’s use of informal grammar and language tone that gave off the sensation of casual texting rather than professional correspondence. This triggered uncertainty when considering entrusting a hefty and costly venture to someone who did not appear as a professional. All in all, given the considerable funds invested, there hung in the balance an expectation of grown-up communication within this essential procedure.


Why are Frank Darling diamonds cheaper?

Frank Darling’s prices are uncompromisingly economical, thanks to their commitment to sustainability. Recycled and lab-created diamonds arrive at a bargain, making each purchase a shrewd one. Adorn yourself with the finest of jewels, while spending as little as possible; such is the unrivaled excellence of Frank Darling.

Is Frank Darling real diamonds?

The company specializes in conflict-free diamonds, harvested from reputable locations with stringent protocols. For cost-conscious customers, lab-grown diamonds offer a guilt-free option; a decision endorsed by both Frank Darling and the planet. There is no shame to be found in this selection.

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