Hidden Halo vs Halo

Hidden Halo vs Halo

As you embark on the journey of finding the perfect engagement ring, two setting options that have made their mark are the Halo and Hidden Halo rings. Both these settings add a luxurious touch to the center stone to create an exquisite piece. While similar, these styles stand out in their own way. Getting familiar with the differences is the key to selecting a ring that perfectly complements your personal style. In this article, we discuss the distinctions between Halo and Hidden Halo rings for better decision-making.

Halo vs Hidden Halo Ring Settings: Overview

Halo Settings

Halo rings are the perfect combination of glamour and sophistication. This type of jewelry features a large center gemstone set in a frame of smaller accent stones for an awe-inspiring radiance. The intricate details and precision craftsmanship further highlight its brilliance, making it an ideal choice for special occasions such as engagements or dressy events.

A halo setting is an elegant choice for an engagement ring. It features a single diamond surrounded by a circle of accent diamonds, which gives the appearance of a larger center stone. With more than ten types of halos available, from simple hexagonal patterns to intricate floral designs decorated with gemstones, you are sure to find a style that perfectly complements your special moment.

Hidden Halo Settings

Crafted with care, the Hidden Halo settings feature a continuous line of tiny pave-set diamonds concealed beneath the center stone, creating an eye-catching halo effect from any angle. It magnifies the center stone’s brightness to unleash the glamour of the design with various shapes and metal options available to suit individual tastes.

When choosing a ring setting, it pays to go high. A high setting combined with a large diamond will give a more prominent appearance than a small center stone on a lower setting. Consider complementing it with accents such as a halo or pave diamonds for an extra luxurious touch.

Halo vs Hidden Halo: What are The Differences

Size and Visibility

The key difference when looking at Hidden Halo vs Halo lies in their size and visibility. Halos boast a bolder aesthetic, with a clearly visible ring of stones that encircle the center stone. In contrast, hidden halos are crafted with discreteness in mind, the smaller gems placed beneath the center gem to create a more subtle appearance.

Design Variation

Halos and hidden halos are renowned for their array of design options. Especially with halos, various shapes, and sizes can be achieved, such as round, cushion, and pear-shaped. A significant advantage of this style is that the center stone can be set higher, resulting in a more distinct aesthetic. Hidden halos grant even more artistic liberty with the positioning of smaller gemstones, allowing jewelry designers to craft individualized and complex designs.

Gemstone Placement

Adorned with a halo of accenting gemstones, the center stone takes center stage in this sophisticated look. Prongs or bezels are used to secure the gems around it for an eye-catching appeal, while a hidden halo lends a subtle shimmer to further enhance its allure.

Popularity and Trend

Drawing attention for their sparkling and timeless design, halos have been a go-to pick for decades when it comes to engagement rings. The modern twist of hidden halos has made them increasingly popular, as many individuals now seek a more subtle yet elegant aesthetic for their rings. These covert yet stunning additions provide a contemporary take on this beloved classic.

Metalwork and Prong Styles

Halos and hidden halos come in a variety of metalwork designs and prong styles, with the intricate craftsmanship of halos making them a great choice for those who want to add extra sparkle to their look. Prongs or bezels firmly secure the main stone and additional stones, while hidden halos provide a more subtle design as its smaller gems are discreetly placed for an elegant yet understated finish.

Setting Durability

When assessing the robustness of each design, halos and hidden halos both offer reliable durability. Though, since smaller gemstones are positioned outwardly with halos, they may be more prone to damage and loosening. On the other hand, hidden halos provide an extra layer of security for their center stone due to its recessed placement, making them a potentially more secure option.

Cost Considerations

The price point of a halo or hidden halo piece varies based on several factors, such as the size, quality of gemstones, metal choice, and intricate detailing. And while halos often demand a higher investment due to the larger number of stones used for their signature surround, hidden halos require fewer stones and offer a more economical option.

Choosing Between Halo and Hidden Halo Settings

When selecting between halos and hidden halos, it is essential to take into account a variety of factors such as personal preference, lifestyle, and the overall design of the jewelry. Halos add a touch of glamour for those who desire a dramatic, ostentatious look, while hidden halos provide an elegant, understated elegance to suit more conservative tastes. Whichever style you opt for, ensure that the choice reflects your unique identity.

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