Jewelry Like Alexis Russell

Jewelry Like Alexis Russell

Finding the perfect engagement ring for your partner is a momentous endeavor that deserves careful consideration and research. When selecting a ring, it is prudent to take into account factors such as cost, quality, design, and craftsmanship.

At Alexis Russell, you will find a wide selection of beautiful and timeless jewelry pieces that have been carefully crafted to meet the highest standards of excellence. To ensure you select a ring that perfectly captures your devotion while still staying within budget, comparison shopping is key.

About Alexis Russell

Drawing inspiration from the beauty of wild nature, Alexis Russell provides ethically-sourced, heirloom-quality jewelry crafted in their Buffalo, New York studio. Every item is imbued with a unique meaning born from fire, pressure, and earth, radiating its own light through carefully chosen rose-cut diamonds, bicolor sapphires, and moody opals.

Supported by the Kimberley Process, the brand exclusively sources recycled gold, antique diamonds, and reclaimed melee, embracing the ethos of sustainability and leaving a diminished ecological footprint. Not only are they dedicated to responsible production practices, but also to uplifting and supporting local artists.

This commitment to excellence is evident throughout every step of their process, from the initial sketch to the final polish. Each piece reflects exceptional care and attention to detail, proudly bearing witness to the timeless beauty of Alexis Russell jewelry.

Alexis Russell Alternatives

Blue Nile

Established in 1999, Blue Nile completely revolutionized the diamond and engagement ring industry, introducing an efficient online business model that allowed customers to choose from a wide variety of extraordinary, high-quality diamonds at great value.

To ensure exceptional standards of service and customer satisfaction, they formed a team of passionate, non-commissioned diamond and jewelry experts with a customer-centric ethos. As a pioneer of handcrafted engagement rings and fine jewelry, they are dedicated to helping customers discover and design perfect pieces for every occasion.

By eliminating middlemen, Blue Nile offers budget-friendly options and premium quality without compromising customer satisfaction. They proudly craft handcrafted engagement rings that are quadruple-checked for superior quality and ethical sourcing is paramount – only diamonds purchased from reputable suppliers adhering to the Kimberley Process standards make it into their 150,000+ loose high-quality diamond collection (D-K color grade, FL-SI2 clarity).

Not to mention, they also offer the lowest prices in the market and will typically match any competitor’s price if a lower but similarly quality diamond is found.

James Allen is a pioneering online diamond and bridal jewelry retailer, offering customers the most competitive price, highest quality diamonds, and an extensive selection of engagement rings. The five founders—Oded Edelman, James Schultz, Michele Sigler, Dean Lederman, and Roie Edelman—united their individual expertise to create this success story.
Oded brought three generations of his Edelman family’s renowned diamond legacy while James leveraged his internet retail acumen from a purchase made on an auction site. Michele contributed her retail knowledge to guide Customer Service operations, with Dean and Roie applying two decades of experience in diamond manufacturing and international distribution.
The revolutionary 360° Diamond Display Technology cemented’s place in the industry, granting privileged access to the world’s finest gems.
Customers benefit from its extensive selection of customizable styles and 24/7 support system that includes real-time diamond inspection where experts share their screen with customers. To top it off, James Allen is committed to customer happiness through meaningful education, friendly support, and 100% money-back guarantee.
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Point No Point Studio

Founded in 2011 by designer Julie Stark Allen, Point No Point Studio offers a distinct touch to engagement jewelry. Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of Washington’s forests, mountains, and beaches, the brand is named after Puget Sound’s oldest lighthouse; embodying its essence as a guiding light that illuminates the unique characteristics of each design.
Specializing in salt and pepper diamonds, black diamonds, and eco-friendly metals, the company creates one-of-a-kind engagement, wedding, and commitment rings featuring contemporary aesthetics interwoven with classic jewelry styling.
Committed to sustainable practices, every piece is crafted using ethically sourced, conflict-free diamonds. With an innovative spirit and a profound adherence to environmental responsibility, Point No Point Studio provides heirloom-worthy alternatives to traditional wedding jewelry; timelessly honoring the extraordinary beauty found in both nature and love.

Skelton Jewelry

Samantha Skelton boasts an extensive academic and professional background in the art of metalsmithing. After graduating with a BFA in Fine Art & Art History from Edinboro University in 2009, she went on to pursue her MFA at Miami University, completing the program in 2012.
Today, she is the master behind the renowned Skelton Jewelry—a line of limited production, one-of-a-kind pieces for galleries, custom jewelry, and bridal designs designed and crafted on-site in Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh.
With cutting-edge techniques utilizing recycled metals and ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones, Samantha and her assistant Rachael forge timeless pieces that endow wearers with exquisite finesse. Since its launch in 2016, Skelton Jewelry has succeeded in captivating audiences at local trade shows and regional festivals and continues to bring marvels of metalwork to the world.

Brilliant Earth

Committed to living up to its ideals, Brilliant Earth established an unprecedented protocol for diamond sourcing to create Beyond Conflict FreeTM Diamonds that are ethically and environmentally responsible.
Paving the way with blockchain-enabled diamonds, their commitment to transparency provides customers with complete clarity about their stone’s origin and ownership. They strive for sustainability by utilizing 100% recycled precious metals in their jewelry designs, thereby minimizing environmental impact and the adverse effects of mining.
Their San Francisco design studio is dedicated to crafting heirloom-caliber adornments that combine beauty, comfort, quality, and durability. From artfully tapered prongs to hidden accents and precisely curved bands, every detail is meticulously considered, creating treasures to be cherished for generations.
If you’re looking for jewelry that reflects the unique and distinctive style of Alexis Russell, there’s no shortage of captivating options. Brilliant Earth and Point No Point Studio showcase stunning pieces sourced from ethical suppliers, embodying a harmony of creativity, sustainability, and craftsmanship. From Beyond Conflict FreeTM Diamonds to beautiful designs inspired by nature, these brands offer something for every taste.
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