Lynsh Jewelry: Rising Rockstars

When my friend Eleanor Banco showed me her newly acquired Span ring by Lynsh Jewelry, I went wild. A crescent of yellow diamonds and blue sapphires complement hand-carved lapis lazuli, set on 18k pink gold. In what can often feel like a sea of iterative designs, this ring stood out as special. I had to know more—and make the ring mine!

Based in Beirut, Lynsh was founded by Lynn Chamoun, a graduate of Florence Design Academy. After shucking oysters and discovering pearls on a trip to San Francisco, Lynn set out to create a distinctly new kind of jewelry collection. It gets better. Lynn’s mission is refreshing: to collaborate with a range of artists from diverse disciplines, creating jewels that are “scarce and thrilling.”

Lynsh is making waves for its signature geometric rings and Baroque pearl earrings, cultivating a well-heeled, intelligent clientele in Lebanon, Dubai, and other international capitals. Expect them to continue to emerge in the US as an exciting new jewelry concept. -Jenna Wise for The Stone Set

How did life lead you to launch your jewelry line?
I studied industrial design in Florence, Italy and never really knew where life was taking me. After graduation, all I knew is that one day I would have my own design brand. In the summer of 2016, two years after graduating, on a trip to San Francisco with my best friend Shereen Doummar, we shucked two oysters on the pier and found two pearls inside.

Once we got back to Beirut, we decided to go to a jewelry workshop to design an earring around them. After my first experience with jewelry designing, I kept going back to that workshop to create jewels for myself. The owner became my mentor and encouraged me to start my own line, believing that I had a special vision. One year later, Lynsh was born. I launched my first line in December 2017.


What’s your brand philosophy and who do you see as your muse?
The brand’s philosophy is to always create something visually different, an important feature of Lynsh is that we engage another designer on a yearly collection basis. The idea is to always have new fresh collaborations with artists from the different design disciplines (art, photography architecture, etc.), in order to create scarce and out of the ordinary jewels, bringing out each artist’s unique vision.

The goal is to create long-term pieces that people will want to keep and collect. By merging with artists, we explore the boundaries between two creative disciplines and by doing that we are pushing the field of design and extending the frontier of what it is to be a jewelry designer.

For the first year, Lynsh collaborated with Shereen Doummar, a London-based architect to co-design The Aida earring and the Fractal ring. The idea behind the collaborations is to create scarce pieces through designers from the different design disciplines.

I love art, which is my main muse. The geometric schemes and shapes of the Russian avant-garde artists and the Bauhaus movement really inspire me. At the moment, I am drawn towards the work of Hilma Af Klint, a very special female artist. I see freedom in the lines and shapes of her paintings and love the vibrant colors she uses.


What are your trademark pieces? What pieces do you personally wear every day?
I love all the Lynsh pieces, but the items I wear a lot during the day are the Mini Aida earring, since it’s so easy to wear and pair with any other earring and of course all the different rings depending on what I’m wearing.

At night my go-to pairs are the Cerne hoops, the Panka modular earrings and the Astral earrings. Day or night, I always wear rings mix and match them together. I have to say that in summer I also wear a lot the Grab earrings, I love pearls and in summer they add so much light to any outfit.


What sets your jewelry apart from what’s out there?
Each designer expresses him or herself in an individual way and project their own vision in their work. I guess my pieces are different since my vision for them comes from a design perspective and I always work and rework the piece until I believe it’s ready. I grant each design all my attention and time in order to make sure that my vision comes perfectly to life.


What drives and excites you?
Seeing my visions and ideas come to life drives me to constantly want to create more and produce more, in addition to the infinite possibilities of combinations and shapes that can be created pushes me to constantly challenge my designs and ideas.

Photography by Patrick Sawaya