Tiger’s Eye

GemologyLauren Dorr is a designer at a luxury brand and is an avid collector of vintage jewelry. She contributes a monthly post on gemstones for The Stone Set.

Tiger’s Eye • Golden brown
Energies • Protection, Luck, Healing, Creativity, Happiness, Harmony, and Success

Tiger’s Eye, or Cat’s Eye, is an opalescent golden brown quartz whose name comes from its likeness to a feline’s eye. Its color ranges from light to dark brown with shimmering bands of golden highlights. Tiger’s Eye is a mystical looking gemstone that grabs your attention. Its luminosity and refraction of light creates an optical glowing warmth, which truly gleams like a cat’s eye.


Tiger’s Eye has a history that mimics its namesake. Thought to be “all seeing” due to its appearance, Tiger’s Eye was used by the early inhabitants of Sri Lanka as a talisman for protection against evil spirits. Ancient Egyptians transformed Tiger’s Eye into jewelry believing it provided the wearer with luck and protection. Roman soldiers wore it to maintain bravery during battle. The ancient Chinese were also fascinated by this stone’s golden aura, as it was thought to bring good luck. Tiger’s Eye is found primarily in South Africa but is also in the United States, Mexico, India, and Australia.

In nature, a tiger displays an air of confidence. He is motivated, bold, and determined. Tiger’s Eye gives the wearer a persona similar to that of a tiger, providing strong focus, determination, and cat-like patience. Tiger’s Eye promotes self-assurance in achieving goals and attaining dreams. It centers energy and simulates mental focus, and can also help calm nerves and release fear and anxiety. Additionally, Tiger’s Eye encourages optimism, courage, and personal power.

I own a cabochon Tiger’s Eye bracelet and the stone’s polished surface truly enhances its natural beauty. I get lost staring at this gorgeous stone’s silky luster. Simply gazing into it, I feel my own inner energy shining through. Is it magic? Perhaps. Then again, Tiger’s Eye truly is a stone that lets you see everything.

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