Vrai Vs Brilliant Earth

Vrai Vs Brilliant Earth

As sustainability and ethical responsibility become increasingly important factors in consumer purchasing decisions, an array of reputable companies have emerged to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly jewelry. Amongst the most acclaimed brands are Vrai and Brilliant Earth; renowned for their commitment to absolute transparency and exceptional craftsmanship.

From mesmerizing diamonds to luxurious metalwork, these retailers offer a myriad of options that celebrate both style and conscientiousness. So if you’re searching for beautiful jewelry with an ethical edge, look no further—Vrai and Brilliant Earth are here to cater for your needs.

Main Difference: When selecting jewelry, the distinction between Brilliant Earth and VRAI lies in considerable variance. VRAI offers exclusive diamonds with no carbon footprint, whereas Brilliant Earth caters to both lab-created and natural diamonds. Accordingly, the decision of which option to purchase is ultimately contingent upon individual taste and preference.

Vrai Vs Brilliant Earth: Overview

About Vrai

Reimagined for a new generation, Vrai stands at the forefront of stylish and timeless jewelry design, offering an accessible and affordable approach. Establishing a loyal customer base by reducing costs and crafting classical designs, Vrai has since surged onto the global stage, opening flagship stores on the West Coast, in Spain, and China.

Recently acquired by Diamond Foundry—co-owned by Leonardo DiCaprio and famed for its carbon-neutral production of 100% sustainable diamonds grown via renewable energy sources—Vrai merges transcendent style with ethical practices. For those seeking to add a touch of luxury to their wardrobe without compromising sustainability, Vrai is an effortless choice.

Their selection is exclusively composed of lab-created diamonds, as opposed to natural stones. Hence, these gems offer marked savings compared to traditional stores, without sacrificing any of the illustrious luster that diamonds are renowned for.

About Brilliant Earth

Since 2005, Brilliant Earth has been committed to providing diamonds that embody ethical and sustainable standards. As an accomplished online diamond jeweler, their compelling inventory includes both lab-grown and mined diamonds.

Renowned for enduring jewelry designs, these stellar pieces are handcrafted within the Brilliant Earth studio in San Francisco. Moreover, they source lab-grown diamonds that have been meticulously assessed for sustainability.

To remain conscientious of environmental responsibility, they incorporate recycled precious metals, offset carbon emissions, and utilize recycled materials and packaging. With a steadfast commitment to ethical practices, Brilliant Earth is truly dedicated to creating diamonds of unparalleled beauty and quality.

Vrai Vs Brilliant Earth: Key Differences



Vrai offers an impressive selection of lab-grown diamonds, primarily catering to engagement rings with a higher proportion of larger stones. Individuals can use their platform to build their own ring but have limited flexibility when it comes to crafting other jewelry pieces.

While other jewelers may be inclined to pair pre-set jewelry with lower quality diamonds, Vrai goes the extra mile by pairing them with higher-grade components. Additionally, the brand has garnered attention for its luxurious branding initiatives, partnering with notable designers and celebrated personalities to bring sophisticated jewelry designs to life.

From martini stud earrings to bespoke pieces crafted exclusively for the Vrai label, it’s clear that this company prioritizes stylish craftsmanship and sustainability in equal measure. If you’re searching for exceptional diamond jewelry of remarkable quality and beauty, then look no further than Vrai.

Brilliant Earth

Boasting one of the largest collections of lab-created diamonds in the world, Brilliant Earth stands apart in its expansive inventory of over 50,000 loose diamonds.

And that’s not all; the company’s selection extends beyond diamonds, encompassing an array of exquisite jewelry designs that span from timeless classics to modern and unconventional pieces. To add to their appeal, Brilliant Earth offers a unique way to craft your own diamond jewelry: by handpicking each individual lab-grown diamond from their vast inventory and combining it with the perfect setting.

This approach allows for unparalleled diamond quality compared to pre-set options, which often feature low-grade stones. With Brilliant Earth, you can create a remarkable piece of jewelry—as special as you are.

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Brilliant Earth

At Brilliant Earth, you’ll find some of the most competitive rates for lab-grown diamonds in the market. Whether you’re looking to buy a loose diamond or a pre-set piece of jewelry, you can expect incredibly pocket-friendly prices that won’t break the bank.

Prices for loose diamonds range from $1,100 to $1,890, while their pre-set items feature slightly higher rates than those offered by price-leading companies like Ritani. However, if you want to make sure you get the best value for your money, we recommend their custom jewelry option—a great way to construct your perfect diamond at an unbeatable rate.


Vrai offers diamonds at a higher price point, ranging from $1,200 to $2,000. This is in contrast to retailers like Brilliant Earth and James Allen who offer diamonds at more competitive prices.

However, Vrai’s diamonds undergo an in-house grading process by GIA Certified Gemologists with diamond certificates issued at Diamond Foundry; although this can raise some potential issues about the validity of the certificates.

Additionally, these certificates carry fees between $200 and $400 which affects their competitive pricing structure. Therefore, it may be better to opt for externally graded diamonds or ensure you have a return option if the jewelry does not meet expected quality standards. Nevertheless, if you are wowed by Vrai’s exclusive designs and are willing to pay a premium cost, they offer breathtaking creations that make the pricing justifiable.



At, customers can access the entire shopping experience online, without ever having to step foot in a physical store. All inventory and related information is available on their website, while virtual consultations enable customers to chat with friendly team members anytime for clear answers to any questions they may have. Plus, an expansive 30-day return policy ensures all of’s customers are fully satisfied with their purchases.

Brilliant Earth

At Brilliant Earth, customers have the unique privilege to explore their signature jewelry in-person as well as virtually. Their select assortment of physical store outlets are located across prominent cities in the United States, such as New York City, San Francisco, Chicago and Denver, with a flagship store situated in Los Angeles.

The virtual showroom facilitates an immersive experience, allowing customers to digital try on pieces from the comfort of home utilizing augmented reality technology. Thus, regardless of location or time constraints, Brilliant Earth ensures everyone has access to interact with their product offerings.



Pioneering a new era of ethical and sustainable jewelry, Vrai has made tremendous strides in redefining the diamond industry landscape. From offering only mined diamonds initially to becoming a leader in lab-grown diamonds following its acquisition by Diamond Foundry – an innovator in clean energy technology—Vrai has distinguished itself as a reliable purveyor of responsible diamonds.

All diamonds are exclusively sourced from Diamond Foundry, affirming their dedication to sustainability through renewable electricity sources. Furthermore, in an effort to minimize environmental impact, Vrai utilizes recycled packaging and metals to craft their jewelry collection. With these initiatives, Vrai continues to raise the bar and revolutionize the diamond industry while championing eco-friendly practices.

Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth has revolutionized the diamond industry with their focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing. They offer a wide range of mined and lab-created diamonds, all selected to meet stringent standards. Lab-grown diamonds are particularly noteworthy, as they are entirely free from any ethical concerns—but even mined diamonds can be sourced sustainably, thanks to Brilliant Earth’s commitment to social responsibility.

Furthermore, their selection of sustainably graded lab-grown diamonds is comparatively comparable with Vrai, while their eco-friendly packaging and jewelry crafting practices demonstrate an admirable dedication to reducing their environmental impact.



With every order exceeding $100, offers complimentary shipping throughout the United States, with typical delivery times ranging from two to five business days.

For those desiring expedited shipment, express service is available for an additional fee. International shoppers are able to purchase as well, given that shipping duration and cost vary depending on the destination country.

Customers can utilize the tracking information provided by to monitor their packages until they arrive at their doorstep. And if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, returns, and exchanges are welcome within 30 days with no strings attached.

Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth offers a selection of shipping services to suit the needs of every customer. Within the US, they offer complimentary standard shipping with an estimated period of completion of 2-3 business days. For those requiring faster delivery, expedited shipping is available at an additional cost. International orders are also welcome but depend on the destination for its associated shipping time and charges.

Furthermore, customers residing near one of their physical store locations can opt for complimentary in-store pickup to obtain their items. To provide greater certainty during transit, tracking details are provided for all orders, allowing customers to stay updated on the progress of their package and anticipate its arrival.

Return Policy


Shoppers seeking to purchase from Vrai can rest assured knowing that they are eligible for a 30-day return policy for all items purchased. Customers may get in touch with customer service who will provide detailed steps for the return process and must ensure that the product is returned in its original condition.

Vrai offers free returns and exchanges within the 30-day period – a feature that generously surpasses the similar return policy of Brilliant Earth. Allowing customers ample time and cost savings for returns and exchanges,’s policy exudes a remarkable degree of flexibility and convenience.

Brilliant Earth

With Brilliant Earth’s customer-centric return policy, customers are graced with the opportunity to adjust their diamond jewelry selections within a 30-day window. To begin this process, simply contact the customer service team who will furnish further guidelines and instructions.

For items to be eligible for returns, it must be accompanied by its original documentation and should be in its original condition. Additionally, Brilliant Earth offers a lifetime warranty on all of its diamond jewelry – except those lost or stolen – providing an invaluable safeguard against manufacturing defects.

As a considerate bonus, complimentary resizing is available for engagement and wedding rings within the initial 60 days following purchase, allowing customers to find the perfect fit for their big day.



Vrai offers a restricted warranty for all their diamond jewelry, safeguarding against production-related faults. This warranty is only valid for the initial purchaser and cannot be transferred to any other person.

If customers experience an issue that falls within the confines of our warranty’s remit, they should contact our customer service department straight away. They must provide us with a copy of their purchase receipt and detailed information about the problem, as well as any other relevant documents or data that may be necessary.

They are committed to replacing any faulty product with one that is identical or of equivalent value. It’s vital to understand, however, that the warranty is more restrictive than Brilliant Earth’s lifetime policy which covers all of their diamonds.

Brilliant Earth

At Brilliant Earth, you can purchase diamond jewelry with the assurance of a lifetime warranty—guaranteeing protection in the event of any manufacturing defects. If, however, your item is misplaced or stolen, this warranty will not apply. This offer is non-transferable and only available to the original purchaser.

To benefit from this coverage, contact the customer service team and provide both the purchase receipt and warranty card. Additionally, a detailed description of the issue must be provided, alongside any necessary additional evidence. With this carefully crafted warranty, you can shop for exquisite diamonds with complete peace of mind.

Vrai Vs Brilliant Earth: Clear Winner

Both Brilliant Earth and Vrai offer admirable options for those wanting to purchase ethically-sourced and sustainable jewelry. While both provide a broad assortment of items, Brilliant Earth outshines in its selection of diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, fine jewelry, and lab-grown diamonds—all affordably priced and sustainably sourced.

Moreover, they take great effort to ensure the moral origin of their diamonds and other precious metals, vigilantly upholding their commitment to transparency. To sweeten the deal further, Brilliant Earth offers a lifetime warranty on diamond jewelry, while Vrai’s guarantee is more modest. And, with physical stores now part of Brilliant Earth’s network, customers can enjoy a firsthand look at what’s available.

All these merits tip the scale overwhelmingly in favor of Brilliant Earth for anyone who seeks not just quality and reliable products, but also reassurance that ethical sourcing is a priority.

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